Idea for a new Moze Com

I just realized that Moze is lacking a Tediore Com- despite being the Splash damage character. I guess Mine Sweeper fulfils that purpose but what about something like
Moze gains a stacking reload speed bonus when she reloads of X%. This effect stacks X times.
Skills: Some for the Road, Pull the Holy Pin, Torgue Cross Promotion/Selfless Vengeance?
This also benefits one shot reload guns like the Hellwalker, Scotville, etc

Some for the road would be a really, really bad choice for a skill, otherwise nice idea.

Maybe matched set instead?

For the COM idea mentioned in the OP, I would add something like bonus grenade damage to the special effect (although not reliant on reloading) so that it has more flexibility beyond just being a class mod for Tediore-chucking. PtHP is obviously the #1 skill, TCP could also work. Either Matched Set, or WCICATG if they ever buffed that by giving it bonus grenade damage. Some for the Road is anti-synergistic with Tediore weapons, and Selfless Vengeance should never be a bonus skill on any legendary class mod, at least not in its current form. It doesn’t boost reload speed and the bonus incendiary damage does not even apply to splash damage. All you’d be getting for those bonus points is losing health with every chuck.

Although I don’t think we’re going to get any new legendary class mods until the 4th skill trees are released, one I would’ve loved to have seen is a legendary version of the Firewalker. In terms of incendiary DPS, it has arguably the best skills from each tree. But if there was a special effect where the incendiary element was boosted under certain circumstances, or boosted only against shields and armour, it would allow Moze to make incendiary her own neutral element. Sure, you can sort of do that right now thanks to FitSD being boosted in Mayhem anyway, but it would’ve been cool to have a class mod where such incendiary power is fully intended.

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Oh i see what you mean. My idea was to prime 4 grenade chucks then spam 4 really powerful throws and keep the ammo. Not sure I like Matched Set or Iron Bank cause that brings some weapons out of a useful low mag range. Do chucks get gun damage bonuses? Maybe Phalanx Doctrine?

The larger the mag, the bigger the boom on throw. Matched set makes sense for a tediore com. What do you mean by useful low mag range?

What would you do for the bonus effect of a legendary firewalker?

Well I think a legendary version of the class mod should allow for Moze to be able to use the incendiary element in almost every situation. Although it would not be like Green Monster which just adds separate instances of bonus corrosive damage on the end of your shots and explosions. Instead, it would be similar to how lvl 65 Flesh Melter artefacts can stack corrosive damage itself up to +150%. But there shouldn’t be silly clauses such as holding down the trigger non-stop or something always being dependent on kill skills. Something like this for example:

Moze and Iron Bear increase incendiary damage by 1% per consecutive incendiary hit on flesh, misses remove all bonuses.

Bonus incendiary damage is doubled on shields and armour.

Bearing in mind, I would only suggest this if FitSD actually does what it says on its card and not the extra 90% incendiary damage per skill point in Mayhem 10. Otherwise, the idea would be that the special effect alone would be enough where the incendiary element is just as effective as radiation on shields and cryo on armour.

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I was thinking something like ‘increase incendiary DoT damage by 300%.’

I rather not make a JUST a Tediore com- thats why i focused on reload speed instead of Splash. Low mag=more reloads= more reload speed stacks.

Matched set increases handling, I found a com and artifact with reload speed rolls. It’s not at useful as you’d think. Moze is better off with mag size boosts for forge and redistribution.
Tediore chucking is the only thing you’d want reload speed for.