Idea for advertising battleborn

FYI you should be able to start setting up a clan now through the forums.


Also, the current build of Destiny 1 shares a lot of similarities with what you saw at the Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal. I would totally recommend picking up a copy with all the DLC, especially if you stopped playing before The Taken King. I see no reason why a clan of Battleborn players can’t start preparing for Sept now while they wait for more Battleborn news :wink:

I am also on the lookout for people that never got to experience a raid before, because I was really saddened to hear that only 50% of the playerbase ever got to do one.


Maybe I’ll take a second look at destiny then. played it at launch and lost interest in a few days. I’d be happy to start fresh with folks and see about finding a sale price dlc copy.


The Guardians of Solus

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