Idea for better Mayhem

Posted in another forum that but is ~500 replies.

I feel they need to make the modifiers things that change the enemies in a more fundamental way.


  • Chance for enemy to respawn
  • They enter Fight for your Life so other enemies could revive if you don’t watch out
  • Chance to split into 2 smaller version on death
  • Chance to have a random unique shield and/or grenade from ones you can find (possibly badasses always have one with chance of both)
  • Chance for Badass to have a random legendary weapon rather then always rocket launchers

These are my favorites, I’ve recommended them as well. I would really love to see the Skag riders back too cause the hog enemies are just too slow to feel like a threat… And there were a few others but unless I search through that 500 reply thread I’ve forgotten them.

It just seems that overall the definition of mayhem got lost in production, which is depressing.

that short list already has better points and would fit the term “Mayhem” better then what Gearbox came up with :slight_smile: