Idea for DLC about certain Sirens (Spoliers DUH)

It going be vague suggestion but the idea is separate map with a vault with Tina and Ava task in finding a vault and the DLC ends with the revival of maya without her powers and Roland but the power of vault collapsing and you have to escape.

The reason I chose the two is I chose the two is their strong connection to dead character Roland and Maya

More time with Vaughn, Tina, Brick, Birdman, other VH (side missions, events, etc.)

More of ability to alter my room and ship

More trophies appear on Sanctuary like list of location phoenix channel is access, part of target in zero room instead cross out picture, a trophy room for achievements similar to hammerlock room: mannique with your favorite outfit, memorial for the fallen like Scooter, more places show off weapons, achievements statues or objects .


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I personally think they are lining up Ava and Tina to be one of the four main vault hunters in their next game. Both appear to be around the same age.

I have a strong feeling one of the dlc will be uniting all the sirens after listening to the eredian logs.

I hope tina NEVER become a playable character. Out of all crazy, insane and immature characters in this game, she’s the one who pulls it off imo. She’s funny as hell and making her a playable character would take her personality away completely.

An entire DLC could be dedicated to bringing Maya back. On top of the fact that I feel it would show that Gearbox actually listens to their fans hating this moment in the game there could be a lot of interesting things done here. Rather than continuing to trash on the writers I’d actually love to be able to brainstorm with them as to what went wrong and how everything was perceived. It may also not have been up to the writers and been a forced plot point from higher up. Who knows but it would be amazing to see a company actually work on issues their game’s story had for once and give their player base a bone. Mass Effect 3 failed at it and we’re currently still waiting to see Microsoft’s fail with Cortona come to completion. Let Gearbox not join in on that list please.


The cynic in me say’s “no chance”, while the idealist in me (which I haven’t managed to kill yet) is praying for this to happen. So either Gearbox choses their arogance or their desire to make money and greed is figthing on our team. So why does it feel like a choice betwen eating Arsenic or inhaling mustard gas?


See the issue here is I think they’d have a chance to make their fans fall in love with them again if they did listen I feel. Once again, stating the obvious, that we don’t for sure know their plans for future content, but we all “know” they are going to do some crap with the story and ignore how unhappy their fans are with the story and this plot point in particular. Roland got an entire DLC devoted to him with Tiny Tina’s. I say they do one for Maya’s resurrection and bring her back to us.


One thing is for sure, they aren’t getting MY MONEY if they don’t do that.


I’m putting a link here to show another similar topic so we may consolidate things. I’m not staff but the attention would be appreciated. At the bottom is a link to an initiative to get gearbox’s attention about this and other topics on the writing. Story Writing, Continuity, Story Direction, Spoilers

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