Idea for kid ultra team friendly "buff"

I think that kid ultra is a fantastically designed character. However I think that the support drones lack something that would make him a much better support that people would love on their team. I think that the healing from his support drones should also heal him but only if he heals other people. That way kid ultra players would be more opt to give their teammates the support drones because he would get the benefit anyways. It would also make him fulfill his role as a pusher much better. Or if not that at least give him an option to gain some other stat for every support drone he has out.

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Both recommendations are good, but this one seems more interesting to me. Like a 5% [stat] for every drone. Unfortunately I think Heal-splosion! would have to be buffed, because this would make Support Network even more powerful in comparison.

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Just take the stationery drones (level 2 right helix) and you can heal your whole team in the heal radius.

yeah but then you have to hide your drones from enemies cause they can just shoot them down instantly. It makes him useless as a rescue healer which seems to be what they were going for with him

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Fair point!

If you put them on a tank and they get hit with an aoe ability then the drone is gone. At least with the stationary drones you have the option to put them out of the way and have them still be useful. The stationary drones can heal minions and grant them max health and damage amp if you take it. Stationary drones can be protected by tanking the damage for the drone while you are standing in the aoe getting healed and having more health. Similar tactics work well with kleese rifts, tank the damage to your shield while being shielded in turn.
If you are the only healer on your team then do your team a favor and take the stationary drones.

I go with single drones and solo healer, i strugle a bit untill lvl 4 but from that lvl is rly easy to keep everyone healed.

I go single drones if i dont want to heal my team, is their job to find/follow my pings with the position of aoe drones.

The only thing i dont like about drones is how hard they can be to land them, so i shot at ppls feet or right infront of them, some where they can see/hear them and get them.

Edit: my suggestion would be: make easier to land drones, they can crash with an enemy and fall, they can get intersepted by an other ally and is rly hard to hit agile targets like melka.