Idea for making COV guns more fun/usable

So after trying a few different COV guns throughout my playthroughs, I’ve always found the heat mechanic to not quite feel right, even frustrating. (the only one I’ve enjoyed is the Hangin’ Chad, due to it just ignoring the heat mechanic altogether lol)

It seems like it’s just way too much like reloading/autoreload, and not like heat management at all.

My idea for a much more fun and interesting (and dare I say realistic) version would basically be the gun radiates heat constantly, (radiating more the hotter it gets, so they have a heat efficiency curve? but even linear would work) and then should be balanced so if you held down fire constantly they should still overheat as they do now, but manually burst firing actually lets you fire longer

As it is now, the “cooldown cooldown” stops that from happening at all, needing essentially a “reload” time to even start cooling down after firing. But with a constant heat radiation, you can choose to ether fire full auto and ‘reload’ normally, shoot in short bursts indefinitely (lowering DPS, it’s still not a Dahl, and will have the same ROF as full auto), or even try be an edgelord and full auto 'till the last second, take some cover just before it overheats, let it cool for a split second, just enough to give you room to fire a little more to finish off the badass you nearly killed, OR fail to catch it before it overheats and need to hide for longer while you fix your gun!

Sounds fun to me at least! :slight_smile:

I was honestly thinking about making a positive post about COV weapons haha, and then I saw this so decided to dive in. It’s not necessarily a bad idea, but possibly too abuseable.

To me, the benefit of COV weapons is in shorter engagements. The longer the engagement, the worse your reliance on something that is definitely going to overheat. However, the benefit also improves certain weapons more. COV Launchers are hilarious because you basically have one giant magazine.

I think it’s a worthy trade-off, and certainly better than Bandit guns from BL2 (which also sacrificed a bunch of quality for the bigger mag). I’m not saying if they decided to revise the mechanic a bit I’d be against it, but I think people need to approach how they use COV weapons a bit differently when compared to mag-based weapons. There’s a lot more potential for burst, but you have to time your engagements (i.e. enemies in combat at a time). Compared to something like a regular reload, which you can do on command ahead of time (the only edge case being wasting ammo on early Tediore reloads with no enemies about).

It would be cool if you could manually “reload”/use the cooling function mid-stream that would reduce the cool down time of the overheat faster

They definatly need to cool down faster. it is faster to overheat your gun, then wait for it to cool down.

it feels like a shield.

They should make the guns start to cool down nearly instantly, or cool down exponentially faster.

Except for th unique Agonizer 1500 that shoots multiple sawblades (that usually bounce of walls and kill me) and breaks after every shot. Now that is a dangerously fun novelty.

The Hanging Chadd actually will break if you fire long enough. I broke it multiple times the first time I fought Graveward.

What I think would be an interesting mechanic, is if, instead of breaking, when you fire a CoV weapon past overheating it would set you on fire. In retrospect, I may have subconsciously stolen that idea from Battleborn…

Pretty sure there’s a legendary that does exactly that lol. That still wouldn’t be a change I’d like in general though, the heat holding before it starts to cool would still be there.
And yeah I’ve broken the chad before, but it still basically ignores heat.

I’m not sure about abusing this system, hadn’t thought about that much. But I can’t think of how it could be abused… if reload/repair time buff skills only affect gun repair time and not heat buildup they would t break it, and if anything encourage full auto fire.

I think the main problem I have with them as they are is the realism, as dumb as that may be in a game like Bl lol. But a more realistic system, where a hot gun radiates heat, sounds so much more fun to me, that the current system has just become annoying. I’m pretty sure they could be balanced by slightly reducing the shots-till-overheat, or slowing how quickly they cool, so an infinitely sustainable rof would be like 1/3 or 1/2 of full rof, and thus the dps as well