Idea for making farming more fun

So what if instead of farming the same boss and quitting out to respawn it, we have an added mechanic where the more bosses you do in a single game session, the higher the legendary drop rate becomes? That way we get to verse a variety of bosses instead of harassing gigamind for the 30th time (poor guy needs a break). I don’t mind farming but actual variety in gameplay would make it a lot nicer.

Also get rid of anointed militants :slight_smile:


I kinda like it. My wish is that on Mayhem 4 the rare spawns would be guaranteed to spawn at the very least.


I like doing what I call vault runs, I just run the graveward, rampager, Troy and Tyreen in a loop unless I need a specific piece. I don’t boss farm often but this keeps it fun.

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I once thought about a mode where occasionally a random rate spawn or mini boss could appear in normal play so it mixes both farming and mobbing. The random boss or rare spawn could be specific to that planet too.


I like it… The one thing I will say is that legendary drop rates are reasonably high already. How about each boss adds to the anointed drop rate?

Alternatively, what if killing major bosses improved the legendary and anointed drop rate of rare spawn enemies, eventually approaching 100%? This would encourage you to kill all the main bosses, then go for the rare spawns. When they didn’t spawn, it’d be disappointing, but you’d have had fun clearing all the bosses, and you’d have plenty of other items drop. When they did spawn, even with 100% chance to drop a dedicated item and 100% chance for it to be anointed, you’d have 1/3 chance to get the item you’d want, and then numerous possible anointments, so this isn’t an overly generous idea. What it would do is give Gearbox a way to keep farm times for specific items relatively long while making the experience more rewarding and more fun than the current state of affairs. As it is, farming dedicated spawns involves spending the majority of your time either on a loading screen or running to a rare boss that didn’t spawn.

To make it more friendly to people without a lot of time to play in one sitting, they could make each boss drop some kind of token. Said token could be taken to some (Eridian?) machine that would increase the rare spawn dedicated and anointed drop rates to 100% for the rest of the session.

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Some ideas I’d come across in other games.

  1. Each day a specific boss has some bonus or special drop modifier selected randomly each day. Only question is which timezone will they run it from.

  2. Similar to the first one. However it recycles every hour making the target switch more frequently and making timezones irrelevant.

  3. Something similar to Guardian Road from Phantasy Star Universe where selected areas would have a bonus for a period of time. It could be a planet or just a specific set of maps that would end up at a boss. You’d experience additional boosts to exp and loot running the road from start to finish. These weren’t really on a schedule or cycle that I can recall and more like quickie mini events.

  4. Something similar to the bounties they have in adventure mode on Diablo III. Basically somewhat random additional challenges that can be done for rewards scattered around a number of maps that reset at least a day. I think the Diablo III bounties actually reset when you exit the current game session and start a new one. I recall getting a lot of unique and set items from these along with crafting items in Diablo III.