Idea for miko heal beam

I was thinking, why not give Miko a resource bar? It would begin to empty when Miko heals and then after a noticeable delay, begins to recharge back to full. This way Mikos are less inclined to be pure pocket healers and there is an actual down time to their support power like the other supports. What do you think? Constructive thoughts please.


I would support this.

That’s actually a good idea, i like it

+1 for the idea

I support this idea as well, but on the condition that it not deplete quickly or recover slowly so as not to downgrade it as a healer too much. Something along the lines of Boulder’s shield for recovery time, I would think.

Because remember, Miko is the White Mage, here. It may have some really nasty tricks up its sleeve, but it is still a White Mage. Doing too much to its heals will ruin it.

I would support this as well. Would allow mikos to move out and do damage as well instead of just healing all the time.

yea, that’s what I was thinking. I think it would still have double the up time compared to down time at the worst, cus like you said Miko is still a support first and formost. The numbers would obviously be decided by gearbox if they decided to implement this.

I like it. I think they’re just trying to avoid resource bars though, part of the uniqueness of the game. But miko standing behind montana/kelvin for fifteen minutes gets a but uhh… Tedious, for the team getting smashed, as well as the Miko in question I’m sure.

I think it can generally be agreed upon to be a rather boring playstyle as is.

yes. i would <3 just healing in general to be not so strong… :slight_smile: then players would either win or lose fights on their own.

I’ve said something similar for the longest time, and yes I think you have a great idea making Miko even more in-depth and unique instead of just hold heal button. Maybe it could be a gauge similar to Ambra’s heat meter except Miko’s start full and gets used up as you hold the heal, disuse allows the gauge to fill itself again and etc etc.

I don’t think they are trying to outright avoid resource bars.
Firstly I’ve been wondering about this exact change to Miko for a while and I noticed something.
There are 4 supports currently and 3 of them have an alt-fire that depends on a resource.
Reyna’s plasma pulse, Kleese’s double jump/taser, Ambra’s scorching strikes.
Those 3 are the only characters of 25 that I can think of that have alt fire resource ignoring characters with shields.
Probably a coincidence, but at the same time making it so that all supports have an alt-fire based on a resource could become a characteristic of supports in Battleborn.

Having a quick look at the wiki it seems Alani also has an alt-fire that is based on a resource, or at least on stacks that she generates.

That’s… Well thought out. Hmm. I was thinking slow regen like every other moba kinda resource, not typical of battleborn, slow regenerating. Yours makes more sense. I like it :slight_smile: