Idea for New Capstone Class Mods

I had this thought the other day and with the rising conversations about level cap increases and 4th skill trees, I figured why not share. I was thinking about new class mods for each character where the ONLY skill point is a capstone. Idk what the additional special abilities would be, but definitely something related to that tree, obviously.

Some people were expressing concern with a new tree and only 3 additional points. This could maybe help save points so that you don’t have to use as much to get farther down a particular tree. Here’s an example of how capstone mods + 3 points could make a difference with the game as it is.

To get to the Red Tree capstone (Tenacious Defense) in this build, I would need to spend 9 more points on skills that I wouldn’t want for this build. If I had a mod that gave it to me, I get to use my remaining points (plus the new 3) to get down to “Some For The Road” in the Green tree.

Let’s say I wanted a Splash Master or Mindsweeper build that maximizes Splash Damage and not reloading, I would need 4 more points to get to the bottom of the Green Tree. Instead, I would be able to get additional survivability and damage points from the Red Tree with those points.

If I was using my Bloodletter x Deathless build, I would need to spend 6 points to get Blue Tree capstone (short fuse) that I love. Instead, I get to max out the Red Tree skills that synergize with the build and then max out Scorching RPM’s for more damage and fire rate with Short Fuse.

With a new tree, there’s probably going to be some new skills or a captstone that we want, but have to spread points out more to get. All of this doesn’t even factor in the ways points could be spread differently using class mod points instead. An idea like this might address some people’s concerns with only getting 3 new points AND a whole tree.