Idea for new Mode: Kill me if you can

Basic Idea: You are invincible, BUT you will stop being invincible if you didnt damage an enemy BB in 5 seconds. If get damage on enemy BB you are invincible again. Of course it is more fun in modes like meltdown and incursion, where you have to kill minions too.

Additions could include: Setting all cooldowns to zero(especially if you miss an ult, cause it takes seconds to build the animation and if you miss you are bascially free to kill) or raising or lowering the time for invincibility.


So in a one on one situation where both people are not invincible basically the first one who registers a hit wins. And if a single person enters a fray already invincible they can’t lose. Have you thought this through at all because no offence but it seems like a terrible idea.

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Why should the first hit win? I mean they have normal stats. Like a gunshot from oscar mike wont instantly killl you. So as long as you keep the damage chain in you won’t get hit.

I don’t know if you got the idea without being offensive, but the invincibility is only temporary as long as damage an enemy. If you dont in a span of 5 seconds you can get hit like in every other mode too without being instakilled.

Player killing is therefore more challenging than just hitting them with every CC and gank on them and the main objectives more important,because if you focus on minion killing you’ll lose your invincibilty

Edit: Maybe you got confused with the damage. An invincible player still can get damaged to set the own invincibility of, but he gets no damage per se

Damage over times are a thing so I’d argue against this mode as well

Even with that, support characters (especially Miko) or people relying on burst damage instead of poking are out of the game. They won’t be more than cannon fodder.

I don’t quite understand why the game should be more objective focused by punishing minion kills? E.g., Meltdown’s objective is to kill as many minions as possible and not focusing players. Your proposal is very anti-objective.

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Have you played Meltdown and saw how many people rather kill BB than minions and how many minions are reallly killed at the end of the match. So more people tend to kill other BB than minions and thats a shame.

And the deathmatch teams tend to lose spectacularly when they face a good team that understands the mode.

It also isn’t Face Off’s or Capture’s fault that people prefer to farm noobs for titles that imho shouldn’t have been in the game. Your proposal even amplifies that trend.

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Damage over time can be turned off I guess, because besides beatrix there is no dot worth mentioning.

Yes I said earlier that this mode isnt designed for face off or capture. And noobs wont get killed unless they stop firing at the enemy, which they sadly do most of the times instead of retreating.

Sorry, but I don’t really like that idea. Part of the reason also is that characters like Oscar Mike, Whiskey Foxtrot, Caldarius, Montana, … (so everyone with a ranged bullet spam attack) basically are almost invincible for the whole match.

Invincibility is a system that’s nearly impossible to balance around.

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what about melee BB? They just need to attack you the whole time and are invincible too. If you run away to resposition you’ll lose eventually your cloak of Invi

In the scenario I posted above of a one on one the reason first hit means they’ll win the exchange is because one is now invincible and the other cannot damage the opposing BB to attain invincibility. Hell even in a 5v1, say the one is Pendles or anyone with stealth and is able to get the first hit, so long as they keep the streak of damage up they cannot lose because the others cannot attain invincibility. In that scenario the one’s team-mates are discouraged to join the fray as they present the opposing team with opportunities to attain invincibility. To me it just doesn’t make sense. It discourages confrontation from those not already involved in any action and really is a kind of first to hit wins proposal.

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But you first have to get in the face of the other character without any chance to be invincible yourself.

Melee characters (especially squishy ones like El Dragon) are dead long before that happens.

Don’t get me wrong, I like out of the box thinking on new gamemodes, but this one doesn’t sound too much fun for me.

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Maybe there is a misunderstanding. You can get the Invis if another one has already Invis, thats the point. You damage a player with Invis and it still counts as damage(in this case 0 damage) and sets up your own Invis.

Its not like the first player who hits another gains Invis while the others cant.

The elf with the bow who has a 8 second bleed disagrees with that statement.


And the angry space elf with a claw has a DOT…

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yeah most of them have naturally very low dots besides (the man girl with the syringe) so they can be removed then or ignored by the Invis requirements.

Does this mode have Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks?

Because then i fully endorse it…

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The Wolf of Wall Street and the Forrest of Gump are in too…I guess

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This mode should be called, how do you kill me if you can’t?
Worst new mode idea I have seen so far.