Idea for new set of items - Artifacts

Ok this is just a random idea. Not sure if it can be done or how popular it would be, but I think it would be fun.

What if we could swap out a characters ultimate with the regular ability of another BB. For example, swap Thorn’s Hex blast for Toby’s Arc Mine or Ernest’s Power egg.

The idea is to have an ultra rare drop, the artifact. These would be linked to a certain BB regular ability. If a player was to equip it and activate it, it would replace their ultimate with that ability. Granted some BB abilities on any other BB might seem broken. So we just omit those ones.


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Ehhhh, bit weird logic-wise. I mean, how the heck would Thorn carry around a big-ass mine launcher designed for a combat rig? How would Montana throw a Crossblade like Rath? Granted, some could make sense, like Attikus being able to perform Rath’s knockup attack, but most of the time it makes no sense at all.

Interesting idea, but simply impossible to balance with 30 characters, each having 3 individual skills which then should be exchangable…

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