Idea for new variation of Bladeslinger mutation

For Miko I was thinking of a modification for their level seven helix point Bladeslinger: Miko gains +20% attack speed. In my opinion this mutation just seems like not enough of an increase to pick over Fight of Flight where Miko gains 30% move speed when taking damage. But instead of just increasing this bonus instead what if the mutation changed Miko’s auto attack to throw three of their stairs in either a cone or in a tight group in their crosshairs. This change i think makes bladeslinger so much more compelling of a choice then before as well as making the mutation a more interesting game mechanic. As an added bonus this variation would make level three’s Swift Draw (+50% reload speed) a better choice, which i think it needs to compete with the other 2 in its level. I hope this finds the right people and that you will at least consider this change… I never post anything in forums but i find myself already falling in love with this game and i just make this game as best it can be.