Idea for simple modifiers

If we can’t get an option to remove modifiers let’s make some bearable simple ones. If we could get modifiers without build breaking penalties to crit damage, elemental immunity and less visual FX I feel like this could make Mayhem 2.0 a much better system.

The worst part is adding more modifiers is the increase on RNG on re-roll. This could make getting your preferred rolls even more of a nightmare. We need to be able to roll each modifier individually.

My second issue with this is the automatic re-roll when your game merges with another via matchmaking. Even if you get selected as host, your hard earned roll gets tossed, this needs a fix ASAP. The party should take the roll of the host and everyone go home with their prior roll when the party disbands.

Simple modifiers wouldn’t be restricted on any variation of rolls, so you could get all of them if desired. These are my proposed simple modifiers

Easy - Do It Better - Gain 15% damage from all sources, the best defense is often a better offense

Medium - Bloodsuckers - Enemy attacks now heal themselves for a percentage of damage dealt.

Hard - Headhunters - Enemies have greatly increased accuracy, and are more like to target critical hits. Face protection is advised.

Very Hard - Right Back at Ya - Armored badass enemies have a small chance to ricochet bullets back to their attacker. Do you feel lucky?

As always, other and or better suggestions are appreciated.


all but the very hard one seem ok to me
reflection is something that should be exclusive to enemies that deserve that trait
like pwr loaders
also you cant let melee enemies have more “accuracy” so that modifier would also be problematic for balance
so maybe melee enemies should gain faster attack speed, additionally to that


I was thinking maybe let enemy melee attacks crit?

Yeah I was grasping a little at the Very Hard one, bullet reflection can be a nightmare.

Maybe life steal or life reg (as in bl2) should be a very hard modifier since it can be really nasty with durable enemies
And below that just add something more simple
More damage? Idk
I think that mayhem levels in general should increase enemy damage
Only having bigger sponges doesn’t really feel very hard

Enemies deal more damage with weapons with Mayhem levels currently.

I don’t care for the spongy enemies either, but it’s better than Freeze Tag or Floor Is Lava lol

There has to be better ways to do modifiers

Sure, sure
But these weapons are unintentional and again, don’t apply to melee enemies
If they just did it like op levels in bl2
Enemies becoming stronger but in a smaller curve so that you don’t have to scale gear with it…none would need modifiers anyway

hard and very hard would be extreme aids to borderlands lol , imagine a marauder from bl2 hit every single shot

Please, just no more bullet reflection, that mechanic sucks bawls.

As u/lolli42 stated, outside of a few niche enemies, it should not exist.

I added another qualifier to Righ Back at Ya, that should limit enemies with reflection to around 1/10ish.

As I said, bullet reflection can be brutal. But with it being a Very Hard modifier, it needs to have a noticeable impact to gameplay. Compared to no FFYL or -75% crit it doesn’t seem that outlandish to me.

I’m always game for better ideas lol

Well, but you are making the same mistake here
90% of the game wont even apply this modifier
That’s why modifiers are so stupid
They require the whole game to work with and that makes them unimmersive
It WOULD be believable if armored enemies reflect bullets, it would be believable if varkids or rakks would have life steal and it would be believable if maliwan troopers have support drones
But everything on everyone doesn’t work and speaks for lazy game design

You bring a fair point, but my guess would be that we are stuck with modifiers. I just wish they were a little less obstructive.

Yea then, dont try to be too creative
All we want is harder enemies without any new “specials”

easy: increased damage dealt
medium: increased health and shields for you and enemies
hard: enemies deal increased damage
very hard: enemies gain permanent life regeneration (BL2)

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Easy - Gunzerk - Ammo Regen Sal style

Medium - I Punch it - +100% melee damage both ways

Hard - Hey VH - NPC’s from sanctuary follow you around on missions yapping all the time

Very Hard - You Got Nuthin’ - Ava follows you everywhere yapping and steals loot from the ground

Ok, the last two would make M2.0 even worse. :joy:

i would love to constantly coop with ava

Idk which of those last 2 are worse lmao

Getting blocked out/indoors or listening to Ava’s pubescent BS the whole time