Idea for story atonement

Idea for a DLC that I would like to see. I don’t know how to make Gearbox read this. But I want to share my thoughts.


I don’t know how to post this other than here. So my idea goes as follows:

Fast forward a year or so. Ava failed keeping the Raiders together and instead has grown impatient and unsure like the kid she is. So the went full Anakin Skywalker and went on the dark side. You with me? Okay.

We all know that after Maya turned into dust, that book materialized out of thin air and fell to the ground. Did you find that detail curious? I sure did. So what if I tell you, that Maya managed to escape Troy’s grip and hide herself in that book!! Crazy, I know, but totally reasonable if you ask me. After all, she just disappears, and that she would actually die to a lowkey parasite like Troy, no way!

So Ava has this book, and she becomes aware of Maya hidden inside. She could help her out, but only to show off how she failed? So what she does is she tries to use Maya’s power for gaining power, probably over the remains of COV (not entirely sure here folks).

Enter the VH, he meets Krieg, who was just about to get sane for the sake of Maya. Poor guy. We team up with him, fight our way to Ava who we have to beat in the boss fight. Not to kill her, that would be cruel, right? But since she is out of control, we somehow have to strip her partially of those siren powers. Lo and behold, we manage to free Maya from her book, Krieg is one happy psycho, we are one happy community!

Ava… idk. Taking away her siren powers seems odd. Giving them back to Maya would mean her death, too harsh. Couple of possibilities here. Maybe Ava was possessed by a part of Tyreen that jumped over to her via Troy, and we manage to make her snap out of it?

Well, if you have read that, thanks. I just wanted to share this idea of bringing Maya back without resurrection hocus pocus, and the book seems like the perfect opportunitiy to do so without messing with the canon.

A lot of this topic is already in my original post about this as well. There are good posts for and against but here is the link. At the bottom is also a link to an initiative to get Gearbox’s attention and try to bring Maya back. Gearbox already has plenty of lore friendly things they’ve done which could be adapted in an immersive and fun way. Story Writing, Continuity, Story Direction, Spoilers

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