Idea for Surrenders

guess kids these days never heard the saying its not over till the fat lady sings. they just want a easy way out.


Well iirc that’s a quote from Independence Day, amirite? Maybe they’ll get to hear it in the new one.

Just to note here… I’m not referring to surrenders via pub-stomping / git rekt situations. Just cause first sentry is down don’t mean you can’t run it back. However if it’s sentry down and everyone is just feeding the team AKA pub-stomping then ya may as well surrender no hope there.

I see a lot of surrenders where it wasn’t a blatant no way out and be moreso close. Hell even have some who surrender even tho we’re winning by score + sentries by a little bit but just cause we got 2-3 down or even a wipe I see surrender vote popup when the enemy team isn’t even whaling on our sentry.