Idea for the next Takedown

Hypothetically they could theme a takedown after each type of enemy; I would love a return to the BL1 Zombie DLC in some form or another. Probably halloween we could get such an event, if they don’t recycle the haunt event…

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Hammerlock Safari Takedown.

Hammerlock had a bit of a mishap with a wildlife safari he was building. Apparently some of the creatures brought in turned out to be alphas among alphas and after killing or eating the staff of the safari now rule over it. Well no worries we’ll just change the plan for it. Instead of being an attraction where people could witness and learn about he creatures of the universe. We’ll just advertise it as the ultimate big game hunt.

It would contain creatures from the entire series of games. Meaning bringing back things like Kraggons, Rakk Hive, Scythids, Threshers, Bonerfarts, etc…


Personally I’d like a Hyperion Takedown. Screw the stupid platforms, screw the stupid immunity phase, I really want to feel the hype when we crushed the Heroes Pass at the end of BL2. The boss, well, I don’t know. A ginormous Constructor with Felicity Reborn?

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this is a neat idea but no felicity pls, i swear i will cry lol