Idea for what to do with money/eridium: badass summoning posts

So I don’t think it’s news to anyone that money and eridium is kind of pointless in the endgame, and it’d be nice if there was some use for it. One of the ideas being thrown around is the ability to level up our guns, or reroll a part on them, or the anointment on them, and I like that idea, but here’s another one:

Badass summoning posts next to fast travel stations:
Spend a chunk of money/eridium at these strange statues to repopulate an area with enemies. Spend a considerably heftier chunk of currency to repopulate it with more difficult enemies that have better drop rates. There could even be a few tiers to it.

  • It would allow for boss farming without save+quitting (i.e. disbanding the co-op session)
  • It would make dedicated loot hunting easier, but not trivial, by spending currency
  • They could move some of the ridiculous +12500% enemy health at mayhem 10 into this system
  • Just repopulating an area wouldn’t cost much. Repopulating with tougher enemies would have a high, flat fee (around 2-4 million dollars at level 57? Less for smaller areas). Repopulating with even tougher enemies would also cost eridium.
  • (Clearing an area out first would not be necessary, you can just start by using the summoning post, and the zone would reload with the tougher enemies)