Idea for "X Character needs nerfs"

What if instead of nerfing characters that are powerful, the lesser powered characters got a boost? Just a thought, not sure how it would work overall honestly.

No character needs a buff. Okay, maybe Whiskey.
Other than that, they should only tone down some of the op abilities (like they did with Gali).

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i think @Shermanator92 is probably most likely right. but it would be really cool to see the other way play out as well. i hated galilea. i actually still dont like her. i dont like this new girl either. i think for me it boils down to stuns more than anything. it seems like the best offensive abilities are on characters that are supports or brawlers, while assassin characters are kind of lacking

I feel like after the adjustments to Miko and Galilea that everyone is relativity balanced. The only outliers seem to be on the underpowered side, rather than the overpowered side. I could see giving a few characters some minor buffs and maybe a few quality of life fixes here and there (Toby, Whiskey, and Benedict come to mind)

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Atticus too but I’m hearing from other people he recks faces so I’m unsure

Toby honestly needs a boost as well. Mainly in his ultimate. But I think most characters that seem bad at first just take figuring out. Deande and Attikus had a lot of complaints at first for buffs, but now good players can destroy with them

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