Idea for zane Clone

So playing with the buffed clone and gotta say I love how it just does the work for me but at the same time it kinda sucks to just be its sheild carrier so I got to thinking of a way to make the clone more fun I was thinking #1 have it so not only I can change positions with clone but also relocate it like for example I’m on xbox so its LB tap it to change positions with the clone and hold it if you wanna just relocate it that ones just a qol thing but my other idea is #2 why not have so the clone goes invisible when you summon it but it still shoots and while invisible it has higher damage and regens health but the mobs ignore it and you will have a small damage resistance and then when you switch places you turn invisible and gain gun damage as well as the clone now being visible and having the mobs target it instead of you so and I guess just lower the clones health so that you just dont stay invisible forever but honestly the second one is not my main idea I just want the ability to relocate the clone

I’ll piggyback off of this, I’d like to be able to recall the clone on command (similar to Moze ejecting early from Iron Bear). Would be super useful.