Idea: Frigate docking

I know it’s already possible by doing some cheesy build queue shuffle to keep frigates from popping out, but it’d be nice if frigates were dockable. Perhaps they could take up 2 slots instead of one (obviously not talking about HW1 dock values) to keep it “realistic”.

Even with 2 docking slots per frigate, this would give carriers and motherships far too much force projection and an imbalanced way of avoiding hyperspace costs for those frigates. Docking frigates in tandem with the build queue shuffle would also make things worse.

Not to imply that “realism” reasons should ever be of paramount concern when discussing balancing or revamping existing mechanics, but anything more than one or two frigates popping out consecutively from a carrier would look asburd.

Still, nothing stopping players from building 99% of a Frigate, then another 99% of a second type of Frigate…and then jumping their MS/SY/Carrier. Saves on hyperspacing costs just fine!

And yeah, a dozen frigates coming out of a tiny carrier all at once would look strange! Kinda strange (and terrifying) like 'How many clowns can you pack into a compact car?"

It’d be interesting if you could dock them externally to save on jump, but I don’t like the idea of hiding them with docking much. Perhaps for another game.

Actually it is tricky to build 2 frigs to get out of the bay at the same time cause you can’t pause 1 and build another, but I agree. It’s something that should not have been done. With current balancing the stakes it would give hw1 races too much power.

You can queue up as many 99% units as you want as long as you alternate between at least two types of units. The 99% unit production orders do stack without progress loss, so as long as you can separate the new build order from the doomstack, you are good.

Sorry, forgot about this possibility :slight_smile: Still without ability to call-in a SY there must be an alternative and this mechanism still is tricky to do.

Yes, but being able to do this infinitely, or rather for as big as your frigate unit cap allows, is unintended metagaming which needs to be patched out (at least for anything beyond 2 frigates at X% progress). Its existence shouldn’t serve as justification to dramatically increase the force projection of carriers/MS and make it even easier to avoid hyperspacing costs by letting 5-10 frigates dock with a carrier/MS.

Still in think that this is fair. Hw1 player has an ability to deploy many ships at once where it is also an advantage to his opponent. In this time he is vulnerable to enemies attack. There’s always a choice.

I’d like that but only for pure repair operations. Cataclysm used to have that and it worked fairly well.
For balance reasons I’m against constant frigate docking and as others pointed out this could get exploited…

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If you could separate the docking capacity for frigates from the strikecraft and set it to 1, that would be the only fix you’d needed. It could repair frigates one at a time and hyperspaceing a single ship isn’t a big deal.