Idea: Healing Reduction for certain Helix choices for some battleborn!

Because as of this writing, there is one. Not saying that is it a bad thing that there is one…but one battleborn shouldn’t have the access to healing reduction choices! So I give you some ideas and which Helix’s to change to accommodate!

First off, Whiskey Foxtrot

A battleborn I don’t see to often played and who I think would see much more usage if he had some sort of healing denial in his kit!

His Helix to modify!

Level 2 Left Choice, Swiss Cheese. Why? A reveal isn’t all that useful , period. But having healing be prevented for four seconds? Now that really makes the enemy…Swiss Cheese…don’t hurt me.

Second up is Reyna

A very good burst support with a damage amplify…why not make that amplify even better!

Her Helix to modify!

Level Six Right Choice, First Strike. As of right now I don’t think anyone uses Priority Target for the on hit damage. But with this new option the entire tier now has options! Do you want to have your shield targets be a bit more tanky? Want to be able to remove debuffs? Your team having issues with getting your Priority Target down? Well now you have a choice!

Please note that the damage amplification and the healing reduction would be separate, so we wouldn’t see 10 seconds of healing denial/reduction due to Most Wanted!

Third up, Caldarius

The epitome of a skirmisher, Caldarius fits into his role quite well. Hit and run tactics are his bread and butter…what better parting gift from a fight would be to give enemy battleborn a healing reduction!

For Caldarius , here is my idea.

Helix 4, right choice, FlashMIRV.

Here is a talent few, if anyone, picks. The talent could easily be redone to give healing reduction for a few seconds after the flash wears off. So now you have a tougher choice to make with that Helix…More AoE damage and blind application, or group healing reduction after the blind wears off. Gives you, the player, more options to deal with the situation…which is what Helix choices should be about!

With these three additions you now have a wider variety of healing reduction to chose from, and each in a different role.

Now the question is, how much should the healing reduce…or should it make them immune, akin to Galilea.
For that answer I would say it depends on the Battleborn’s role. Galilea has to get up close and personal, or else land a lucky shield throw. As of now, her healing reduction gives complete denial for five seconds. That to me seems fit seeing as the risk to reward ratio should be higher for someone putting themselves in danger.

For someone like Caldarius, his should be a healing reduction. 33%-50% for 2 seconds. He puts himself in little danger when using his Flashbang. However, the potential for AoE healing reduction adds to the potential for a well placed flashbang to turn the tide of a battle, or at least give a group of enemy battleborn a reason not to pursue.

For Reyna, whose skill is single target, homing, and gives damage amplication, the healing reduction should be around 50%-75% and last 6 seconds, the base duration of Priority Target. Reason being, smarter useage of Priority Target. Now your Reyna has to think even more for when is the best time to mark someone, who to mark, would the healing reduction be useful on said mark.

For Whiskey Foxtrot, his Scrap Cannon is in an interesting place. It tends to be more accurate/damaging at close range but can still hit enemies in the distance. For this reason, the healing reduction should be more based on how close the enemy is to Whiskey Foxtrot when they get hit. The healing reduction could vary from 10%-100% with closer ranges, or point blank, giving more reduction and further ranges giving less but still some to reward a successful hit. The duration would last the same as the damage amplification for Whisky Foxtrot’s Tactical Rifle, 4 seconds.

I hope to you all enjoyed the read, please feel free to leave comments, positive or negative, and feel free to add other battleborn you think would work well with a healing reduction/denial in their kit!

Sure give healing reduction on skills

But in exchange healing character would need to apply weakness to reduce battleborn damage to counter the healing reduction

Cant favour dps all the time so u can solo wreck healer battleborns … if u good u can kill a healer 1v1 already… so adding more healing reduction to other battleborns u would seriously need to add weakness to support battleborns to counter

Reyna would be OP as hell.