IDEA: How to handle Lore Legendaries without too much fuss for the player

Current problems with the Lore Legendaries I see:
-They pile up, taking too much space;
-You can accidentely sell them without any way to claim them back;
-You need to dedicate full loadout page to a single hero, while there is only max of 9 loadout pages.

The solution I propose is simple:
Do not add those legendaries to the player inventory. Instead, make that specific legendary item ALWAYS available for the player to purchase in-game, while he plays that specific hero and if he has unlocked it via lore, regardless of his current loadout, and it doesn’t affects current loadout in any way. HOWEVER there is a couple of adjustments for this:
-Player cannot purchase more than 3 pieces of gear in a single match. As soon as the player purchases 3-rd piece of gear, the last one will be disabled for purchase until the end of the match.
-Player cannot purchase 2 pieces of gear of the same origin. For example, if you’re playing Marquis, then your personal legendary will be a visor. Once you purchase it in-game, if there is any other visor-type piece of gear in your loadout - it becomes disabled, and vice-versa.


Hmm, I could live with this, it is a pretty great idea


Please do this. This will save people so much trouble in the long run.

I support this idea. Considering how quickly the gear slot fills up for PvE guys, anything that alevites clutter will be welcome.

It’s fairly balanced as well, since it’s something everybody can acquire, and anyone who has is likely to have it equipped, anyway.

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I guess it’s becomes an issue when you’re any sort of completionist like me and do those lore challenges just because you can.

Good idea.

Only problem I see is that I think it would requiring HUD changes, since you’d have to build in that 4th slot when looking to activate gear…and I know that those are the sorts of changes which require ‘real work’ from the team, so it would be harder to implement.

Probably the more realistic approach would be a 3-phase fix:

1.) Make it so that legendary items don’t cost an inventory slot.
2.) Add a Legendary Pack to purchase, where you can select Legendaries you’ve unlocked to purchase for equal to their sale value if you don’t have it currently in your inventory.
3.) Each time you unlock a new character’s Legendary, you should get another loadout.

Anyway, I like your idea better, just don’t know how easy it would be to implement. I’d prefer that they provide a solution to the items you mentioned, even if it isn’t as elegant of a solution as you’ve proposed.

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weren’t there already gonna be legendary packs

Good question.

I know you can get legendaries from epic loot packs. (At least I did in the beta so I’m assuming that will continue)
So I don’t know if they will add a legendary loot pack for some outrageous amount of credits or not.

If they do, then they could create a second one called Character Legendaries. It just seems as if it would be pretty easy for them to add another gear pack to purchase option, compared to adding a 4th gear option to activate…simply from a HUD/work-intensive perspective.

As mentioned, the OP’s idea really is a good one, and if it could be implemented with-out too much difficulty I think it is quite an elegant solution to a number of problems that character legendaries can pose. Just don’t know how much work it would take to implement.

Well, it’s usability. Usability is good.