Idea: Manufacturer Sponsor COMS

Now, I’m not talking like the relics from BL2 that fave added torgue mag size or whatever.

I’m imagining that certain manufacturers would ‘sponsor’ each VH with their own unique manufacturer themed COM. They could even come with certain manufacturer specific stats guaranteed.

For example, a Jakobs Fl4k sponsorship could allow for critical shots to ricochet twice instead of once.
An Atlas Zane COM could convert Atlas weapons to cryo and extend lock-on, or a Vladof one could give a damage boost based on fire rate.
A Torgue Moze build could allow for Iron Bear to use special experimental Torgue weapons.

That kind of thing, I’m just spitballing.


nice idea
too much for GBX at this point of time


I think it should be a general sponsorship across all COM’s, not VH specific. You can unlock Sponsorships by completing manufacturer challenges.

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So like some of the specialist COMs from BL1 then?

Kind of, more like an annointment for a COM.

Class Mods would not be able to roll naturally sponsored. You would unlock Sponsorships by completing manufacturer challenges. When you completed 20? challenges they would mail you a token to sponser a COM.

Sponsorship bonuses would be simple, yet noticeable and have synergy with weapons of that manufacturer. Not to steal OP’s thread but for instance Atlas would offer +20% damage on tracker bullets, Dahl would offer +20% recoil reduction and handling, Maliwan DoT, Torgue splash damage etc.

Once a COM is sponsored, that sponsorship cannot be removed.

I don’t see this as a real possibility as we are 3/4 through BL3’s planned content cycle. But it’s always fun to theory craft possibilities no?

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but…thats not really how sponsorship works
i dont know
a class mod is not a service that you have to pay for
when you have the classmod, you have it
so it would have to come from the manufacturer directly to be a “sponsored item”

Yes and no I would think. We have a gun that shoots hamburgers. I doubt RL qualifications apply in a Borderlands game.

After completing enough of a manufacturer’s challenges, you have proved some degree of loyalty to that company no? Maybe they just want to keep you a fan by increasing the effectiveness of weapons made by their company?

They send you an upgrade, if you will that you can attach to a COM of your choosing.

if its really some kind of anointment attached to the com additionally, it could work
it should just be kinda selectable
we have enough RNG already

That’s why I said it would be simple. One broad “Sponsorship” per manufacturer, not 25 different bonuses per manufacturer. It won’t roll on a COM naturally, so this takes RnGeezus slippery fingers out of this cookie jar.

I think if it was done right it could be a cool addition to COM’s.

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I would keep the rng out by guaranteeing certain stats on those coms. Two manufacturer specific stats, then one fixed stat depending on the manufacturer (torgue = grenade damage, vladof = fire rate, jakobs = recoil reduction, etc).

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Honestly, I didn’t play BL1 to the same degree that I did 2, and don’t remember a lot of specifics, so… maybe?

I went back to double-check that I wasn’t misremembering. What I was thinking of was the third category - ‘Loyalty’ - listed here:

So a bit like the manufacture loyalty relics in BL2, but as class mods instead.

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Yeah, but I would like to see a specific character dependant bonus for that manufacturer. Fade away Fl4k and Jakobs go together like two cannibal midgets in a fat guy’s ribcage, Zane and Vladof go together excellently, and Moze even has a Torgue sponsored skill XD

Oh, and Amara could get a ‘backdoor’ promotion from Maliwan, perhaps playing on the fact that all parties involved may not be fully aware of who the VHs are fighting, or perhaps them simply trying to make the best of getting their butts kicked.

sounds like limiting build variety to me
since these sponsorings would be mandatory if they added on top on already finished builds
i dont know if you could think of 4 VH specific boni for every single manufacturer?

That’s kind of how those Loyalty class mods worked out in the end? For example. Lilith got the Mercenary COM which gave boosted SMG damage and elemental effect chance, and SMG ammo regen. Give that siren a Hellfire! Oh, and then the skills it boosted gave her increased fire rate and projectile speed, and a shield regen kill skill… One difference was that the Mercenary COM could be ‘made’ by either Dahl or Atlas. I’ve always felt it should have been Maliwan, given Lilith is the elementalist.

i wanna play bl1 now, just for that mod
it was exactly my setup^^

That Spectre COM though! Volcano and Orion on my Lil

Oh no, you wouldn’t add one for every VH. Just ones that fit. Torgue for Moze, Dahl/Vladof for Zane, Jakobs for Fl4k, Maliwan/Anshin for Amara. That sort of thing.

And how would more COMS limit variety? Youd be getting more options

I guess the concern would be balance across the COMs (just like gear issues). If one particular COM is not only a good fit for a particular VH but offers a clear advantage over other COMs, then folks will gravitate towards that. But we already have that problem to some degree, so I’m not sure I personally would be overly concerned about it.