Idea: MT Seasonal Events

I was thinking this morning how Overwatch (and correct me if I’m wrong, as I refuse to play the game) has pretty much existed since launch with only 2 new characters and has been living on a handful of micro-transcation (MT) seasonal events and the day one lootboxes?? and Destiny has also been doing something similar. and they They have both probably made more money from these limited time DLCs than what they would have made from selling the actual games.

So my question is, do people think we could have something similar for Battleborn? With the Winter Update, we will not only have a substantial library of MT skins and taunts but those booster items are going to be pretty sweet (i definitely plan on getting some). These could all be added into an MT lootpack and offered alongside them for Platinum where you could potentially get certain items (ie Montana’s Lumberjack Skin) cheaper than what they would cost buying them outright IF RNG is in your favor. And like other lootpacks, if you get a double, you will instead get more credits (or perhaps a small amount of Platinum back?).

Along with this, Gearbox could start doing seasonal events where, for starters, they could do small things like adding decorations to maps and home screen and changing the default music playing in the background, modding visual effects (ie when you destroy minions, they could explode into candy or love hearts for valentines day) and perhaps in the future, expand into full on limited time event maps. Battleborn Day could be a monthly/bi-monthly thing that put emphasis on helping new players and rewards seasoned players that choose to help teach them (ie they could get free boosters for their time).

I am guilty of popping $$ on Destiny events (partly because there’s always that one thing I just gotta get >_<) and I want to support Battleborn in a similar way where I am jumping on for events and dropping a little bit of money on RNG on the side.

Surely I’m not the only one who thinks this is a good idea?

New characters and maps take time and I am no stranger to dry patches where there is nothing to do in Destiny. But like, I fully intend to jump on and play SRL and most likely drop $20 on MT because its like when you go to a real life event and you buy souveniers or food and drinks, except instead, you and putting money towards the game (and getting something cool out of it to mark the occasion) so that it can continue to exist :heart:


Unfortunately you are wrong. A competitive mode. Two new maps (one smaller). A whole new subset of modes.

I concur with the rest of your post

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Hmm, so how would you compare it to Battleborn in terms of amount of content to date? We have gotten new maps and one new PvP mode (I think they also teased a new one in the stream UI showcase) plus 2 story ops which would have taken a fair amount of time. I’ll edit what I originally said though.

I’ve never touched OW but I have seen this work in TF2.
In this game, give me something seasonal, sure thing.

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Depends on how you consider skins. They’re pretty similar if not too much. Battleborn wins in real content but they have many more cosmetic items
And yeah, they “accidentally” showed the wins icon for Supercharge

Lol, accidentally (as if) :wink:

There was a moment when I thought for a split second they had hovered over Beatrix’s icon (which would trigger displaying her character model on the right) but when I went back and checked it frame by frame I realized it was only Caldarius :sob:

Going back to Overwatch, the main thing I wanted to point out is that the MT elements are what enable them to focus on making content (granted they could probably bleed out money and not have to think about it). Right now, Battleborn is in a state where a large number of the players will come back for events or content drops, which are currently few and far between / irregular and right now the only monetisation the game has is from buying stuff outright (which is great if you are chasing a particular thing, but it is not very fun compared to opening a mystery box during a themed event or chasing limited time items).

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I did the same. I was so excited for a moment

The issue is that people like OWs events because of the massive amount of stuff (that’s one time only). Battleborn could never afford that. They could afford chucking some tinsel at stuff and hoping it sticks. And making more festive music on all bliss maps (adding bells)

The first round of Destiny seasonal stuff was literally just a few random drops from Hive (space zombies) during Halloween that when used would add a glowing Pumpkin Head model to your character and a vial which would change the way you respawn in.

I would start off small, find small easy to do things like they did for Battleborn Day to make the game feel a little different to what it does every other day and then build upon that over time. Long time players will notice and appreciate the effort! :heart_eyes:

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I can see this going one of two ways:

Getting the big stuff out of the way - UI fixes, engine optimization, draft mode, new characters - allows the team to spend more time on fun, light content.

Or, with the big stuff out of the way, the team goes into caretaker mode with a skeleton crew to tinker balance and make sure the servers are running. Maybe toss out a chaos rumble now and then.

The second is obviously not what anyone wants, but would happen if the money dried up. So let’s hope it doesn’t…

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While I don’t know for certain, many believe Destiny went into a sort of “caretaker mode” after The Taken King came out. However over time, that skeleton crew became the “Live Team” and High Moon Studios has recently been revealed to be helping with development of Destiny, which I reckon means they are on board to help make more stuff for Destiny 1 while Destiny 2 continues development (the only example they have given so far is that the Titan armor for The Dawning event was made by HMS). The live team has continued with these small seasonal events with cosmetic items and MT while also working on larger content updates that started with the April Update and then Rise of Iron, meanwhile (and this is all assumptions here) it is thought that the bulk of Bungie is working on Destiny 2.

The key thing which Bungie have acknowledged themselves was the need to have a continual stream of updates/events happening to keep players engaged while all the bigger ticket items get worked on in the background. The last thing you want are big dry spots where nothing is going on. You are going to lose players as is, but keeping the more dedicated ones engaged is what is going to keep the game going until you can drop something new that will create a spike in your playerbase.

I guess one difference (grim as this sounds) is that Bungie are working on a sequel that will appeal to the same base, so sustaining interest in Destiny as a franchise is important. Gearbox are working on a sequel to a different series and don’t need to sustain interest in Battleborn to sell Borderlands 3. In fact, BL fans can be some of the most negative commentators online regarding BB… Unfortunately.

Screw them! I just want minions to blow up into candy when I kill them during an event. :heart_eyes:


The TPS jackolantern event, all of the mercenary day things, if any of these are implemented into battleborn, I’d be ecstatic.

When TPS was released and that first holiday event happened (where barrels exploded in cool ways and such) it completely changed my ideas of how game developers could interact with the community.

If something like these happened in Battleborn I’d be so happy.

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