[Idea] New Ultimate for Rath

A disclaimer: this is all being said as a guy who mains Rath, at level 15, with almost 1400 kills and under 400 deaths. (Not trying to toot my own horn, just showing that I know what I’m doing).

I’ll get to the point: Dreadwind is too powerful. It’s too easy to hit and doesn’t really require any amount of skillful precision. No reduction in damage or speed will really change that. It’s a giant, movable AoE.

My suggestion:

Have Rath’s ultimate be something where we get to use Precept (the ultra greatsword on your back). Have it function similarly to Catalytic Smash (where you pull it out and have to activate it again) and give us like 3-5 charged (but slower swinging attacks compared to his basic attacks) swings that we at least have to aim to hit.

Would be much more skillful in my opinion, and also would let us use Precept a bit more. Would also tone down how strong Rath is at end game. Seems kind of lame that the coolest sword we have is little more than a decoration that is only used for a brief second when using Catalytic Smash.



This… Is a brilliant idea! Dreadwind is so predictable yet so difficult to avoid, and he can juggle with Catalytic Smash in tandem.

Does anyone even know how much damage it deals? The description says x damage per swing, so how many times does he swing? Many a time I’ve been killed by Dreadwind (As we all have) and it’s done over 1k damage. That’s insane! Most ultimates deal half or less than half of that amount. As a Thorn main I play one of the few characters who can escape it but damn! When caught unaware I’ve been killed instantly by Catalytic Smash + Dreadwind from full health. That simply should not happen, direct damage ults should be finishers not one-shot-killers.

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I don’t know the exact numbers it deals; the x damages listed in skill abilities applies only to the base damage it would deal when the skill is level 1 (as far as I know). So the scaling from leveling, gear, and upgrades (like To the Point, which is +18% base damage) isn’t accounted for.

It flattens people too quick in my opinion. And, again, Rath is my main and favorite character.

I’m glad you like my proposed change!

Rath is one of my mains and I agree that his ultimate is too strong and noob friendly. I think they should nerf the ult but to compensates, they should transfer Gals attack while sprinting to Rath. Against more experienced players Rath does start to struggle some because of the liberal use of the quick melee ability and I think if he loses his ult he needs something else to keep him viable.

Oh no, this would be horrible :open_mouth: Rath is already one of the faster characters, he can easily chase down most enemies and knock them up with Catalytic Smash… Sprint attack would be nightmarish xD

YES GODS ABOVE GBX PLEASE DO THIS. Y’all have no idea how annoyed I am when I play my man Rath and have to stare at that love inducing instrument of death just sit on his back the whole match

This idea needs to happen like now. Right now.



Curious if this will get any traction or not. Hope it does.