Idea of alternative farm for specific legendaries

What if we could spend some eridium and improve a raid instance for enemies to have a bias to drop legendary items of a specific type? For example, pay some eridium for enemies in the next raid instance to have a higher chance of dropping legendary relics. This should work only once per raid instance to avoid abuse.

This would be a good alternative to farming rare spawn and it doesn’t necessarily have to be better. I’d rather farm something I enjoy playing for lesser chances of getting the thing I want than farm a rare spawn for 10 days straight. Please hear us.

I’m sure you guys are going to like this idea presuming you don’t like to sit in loading screen for 70% of the time to farm your desired legendary.


I would love this for bosses like Tyreen, since she spends more time flying around then getting shot and for some reason even 10k dot tiks do no damage to her health bar after a certain point when she’s about to fly during her last phase, she just health gates me.
Really they could have tried to make her hard or fun not tedious.