Idea of one last DLC for BL2 (BL:TPS Lasers in BL2)

I know it is quite a Utopia to think about possible development of a DLC for BL2 since the game was released in its ultimate editions however I have a little idea i’d like to share with you.
We are all BL fans here and we are patiently waiting for something new from BL universe. Even though BL2 is probably the best we all know it through and through, Pre-Sequel misses a bit of charm from BL2 and Tales from BL is finished thing… What now?..

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a DLC? Let’s say a DLC called “How Mr.Torgue destroyed last laser on Pandora” in which Mr.Torgue sends you to blow up abandoned laser factory because he hates lasers! On your way to factory you would learn why there are no lasers (and also a freeze element) on Pandora although they were on Elpis. Also, you would come across a few references from BL:TPS and after a short boss fight you would discover a chest full of unique E-tech weapons working more or less the same as lasers from BL:TPS…
An assault rifle (consuming 1 ammo per shot) with a burst fire like dahl-barrel blaster lasers,
a sniper rifle working like hyperion-barrel railgun,
a shotgun shooting 3 beams like tediore-barrel splitter lasers
and an SMG shooting continuous beam like maliwan-barrel lasers…

I would buy this and would give it a high five :smile:


As I said, making a DLC with brand new map would be unreal and it probably wouldn t pay its development but… a little gun-pack DLC for a decent price… I want lasers in BL2! Doesn’t matter they would look like standard e-tech as far as they’d work same as lasers from BL:TPS… Making it part of some hyperion boss’s loot pool or just putting it into a chest with an echo communicator with backstory about lasers and e-techs… Here’s my money! :smile:

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Current number of pre-ordered copies: 1

To which adress do we deliver it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

According to the ingame tooltip, Lasers didn’t make it on Pandora because of an incident implicating Marcus and a straw, not because of Mr Torgue.

And Cryo didn’t because Pandora doesn’t have frozen methane, ethane and other ane.


Love the idea, but sadly it will never be…

Yeah, loading screen quote… Marcus and a straw… Pretty poor explanation isn t it?
I didn t say they didn t make it because of Torgue, i just say he would like to see them EXPLODE :smile: Do you guys remember that side mission from Springs where you can choose to turn in for her or for Torgue?.. best side mission in TPS :slight_smile:
Ok then, Torgue would send you to destroy abandoned E-tech factory which attempted to replicate laser technology… Torgue hates lasers, everyone else hates e-tech… win-win :slight_smile:
Also, it would be really cool having a BL2 DLC about TPS… for many reasons…

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I’d like to see more tps content. Throw in more Domes.

Or even bl1 ported with the lobby stuff upgraded.