Idea on how to fix Pendles and reveal, an anti reveal skill

Recently I tried playing Pendles, and it was all fine until I noticed insane range of reveal skills. With a good Marquis player the owls were placed in places where neither I nor my team could destroy them. And as for Orendi I dont even see any pillars in my general direction and yet Im revealed. It is rather clear that those reveal skills should have reduced range and only work in the line of sight. There was a talk on forum about it already, but I wanted to present one additional solution, an anti reveal skill for Pendles.

Currently at level 5 Pendles has rather useless Snake Eyes that allow him to reveal enemies behind walls. How about changing it so it would show reveal fields. Display a yellow or white spheres around enemy reveal skills so you can evade them. Well it is not like you can evade a sphere size of a quarter of the map, but it would be still something. For those using Snake Eyes there would be no Escape Plan, which I think could balance it well.

If you ask me, range for any reveal skill shouldnt ever be bigger than old napalm, possibly should be same as owl attack range. Owls should keep Marquis back safe or work as a trap hidden behind a corner of main passages. However currently if Marquis places Owl in lets say upper corridor with big shard on Monuments, Pendles is revealed down below and cant use left side of the map to get to the sentry.

For people who complain against Pendles, all you really need against him is awareness. Watch around you, think about when you can be attacked. Usually just playing close to other players and getting healed quickly is enough for Pendles to be unable to attack. You can use movement skills to run away, melee also helps, and health gear may even allow you to fight him 1on1.

And yes, the real idea behind this anti reveal skill is just so more people could see how insane range of reveal skills is, so they would complain more on forum and possibly get it reduced.

Hey snake eyes is good, but yes he does need something for reveals, but I think the reveals themselves need working


You could just as easily replace the 30% dr since it’s kinda meh in comparison.

This is an amazing idea