Idea on Making Roles More Distinct (Come bring your 2 cents)

So I have this developing idea about making the roles for characters a bit more distinct. It may give players a little more direction on what to choose in character selection and help diversify the team in pugs. This thread is going to start off weak but I’ll develop it in time. I’ll also need help with ideas if you can comment below.

##Role Bonuses


  • Small Global health regen to ally battleborn


  • Damage Reduction at low health (People like attikus and Kelvin can use this)
  • Damage increase at lower health
  • Regen at low health


  • Cooldown Reduction per Level


  • Increase crowd control duration

  • Cooldown Reduction


  • Bonus damage to full health battleborn


  • Chance to heal self when helping allies (Reyna is the only rescuer in the game)


  • Chance for shield to jump to another ally

(Nothing yet)


  • minor Increase damage to single battleborn targets.


  • turrets receive increase damage to nearby battleborn who hold this title
  • Boost in stats the longer they are in an area


  • Small Chance to avoid AOE damage

(Nothing yet)


  • Increase Damage Reduction By Enemy Battleborn
  • Health Regen


  • Cooldown Reduction Per Level


  • Increase Critical Headshots

(Nothing yet)


  • Small chance to avoid damage in stealth

Toby holds this title.

Miko holds this title

So what do you guys think? its one of those funky ideas that may break or make the game. I see some good in it.


This would be awesome.

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The problem I see is that regardless of what their role definition says in the command menu, you can fit different roles based on helix choices. WF in particular comes to mind because I play him a fair bit. He can fit a skirmisher role with red dot sight, and more of a sniper role with the acog sight. His command menu page says he’s an assassin though. GBX would have to very careful how they labeled each character if there were actual skill bonuses involved. But I do like the idea :slight_smile:

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I think these things can be useful for one character but if you want that for everyone with the same role it just limits the diversity of the characters down.

1 All the things you listed could not be used to create a new unique character.

2 Often a role can be fulfilled in more than one way,
like a tank can be someone who acts like a bullet sponge because he has high defensive values,
or because he can outheal damage to himself, or because of active ability’s that reduce his received damage for some time,
if you demand that all tanks get the same role bonus many of these options would lose effectivity or would need special balancing because they have an unfitting role bonus.

*edit was a genearal reply and not just for demin_child

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Yea and that’s the beauty of the helix system, It allows you to choose what’s needed depending on the battlefield .