Idea: Player Rating System

Just an idea for a player rating system, like after the match you get to rate the player or give them a tag for things like “left early”, “surrender spam”. “great support” to help process out the trolls and sore loser from the people who are skilled and care


Love it.

Yeah but regardless they will still be there. The only thing they got added was a “rating” that I doubt many people would care about.

i like this but i feel like more trolls would use it to give negative ratings to good people


That is my concern.

No matter what system you put in place there will be people who will find a way to abuse it.

I agree with @AOS. The thing is? As much as I want to believe in the good of humanity (and I’d very much like to), I know there are always people with agendas who’ll do all they can to ruin a game for someone (or everyone) if it’s in their power to do so.

There’s actually a counter to that, though. And it’s something that some of the websites I like have been using forever. Essentially, the fix is to remove the downvote.

I know that sounds crazy at first. However, when you think about it the good players will eventually accrue a lot of upvotes, so you can be more sure that you’re playing with someone who’s good. And the trolls can’t downvote someone into ther own personal purgatory.

There’ll still be vote manipulation with groups voting each other up, but if there needs to be some kind of player rating system, then removing the capacity to vote down would be the only way to make it actually functional.