Idea Regarding Anointment Rolls

I had an idea regarding anointment rolls and how these might be changed to improve them and I wanted to see what other folks think about it.

Perhaps we could have a system where if an item dropped and it was anointed, the item could just be listed as “Anointed” and then you could take it to Tannis and have her anoint it for you with the anointment of your choice at a certain cost of Eridium. Perhaps the Eridium prices could differ based upon the perceived value of the anointment; e.g., an anointment for 100% damage on ASE might cost 1000 - 2000 Eridium, whereas an anointment for improved weapon handling might only cost a few hundred Eridium.

No rerolls of anointments allowed - once you choose your anointment for it, you are stuck with it. So essentially an anointment would be a blank slate for you until you go through the process of having Tannis anoint it. No item that could not drop as anointed would be able to be anointed (i.e., no anointed artifacts or COMs), and no anointment would be available for a piece of gear that GBX has not already allowed on that item (i.e., under the current system, a grenade cannot be rolled with a 100% weapon damage on ASE, so you wouldn’t be able to choose that anointment for a grenade).

Perhaps only legendaries would be able to have their anointments chosen in this way - not sure, I haven’t really thought through the options there. And maybe even you could have COMs and relics be able to have their passives selected in this way.

So, just an example. You get Katagawa Ball to drop an anointed Brainstormer. The weapon card would state, “Anointed: take this item to Tannis’ lab on Sanctuary III to have her apply the anointment of your choice!” (or something like that). From a lore perspective, let’s say that Tannis has invented or found an ancient Eridian machine that harnesses the power of Eridium to apply anointments to weapons, sort of like the way Troy learned the power the anoint COV. Then you bring the item to Tannis, pay her the Eridium that she will use to power the Eridian machine, and you get your anointment, which thereafter would be listed on the card.

I think this would make farming for legendary items with the anointments that you want much easier to manage. Right now, just getting an anointed legendary is fairly rare, considering how many legendaries drop in M3 and M4, and getting one to drop with a USEFUL anointment is even rarer. So many legendaries drop with worthless anointments, such as weapon handling or some others like that.

Also, this would allow players to fully min/max their builds to fit their playstyle and spec.

What do folks think about these ideas? Does anyone else have any alternative ideas for determining or rolling the anointments on gear?