Idea to Counter Meta

Hello all. I’ve heard word that some kind of cleanse mechanic is being considered to counter the cheesy stunlock problem that is currently plaguing our favorite game.

What about stunbreaks? Certain characters (I don’t think that EVERY BB needs a stunbreak) could have a stunbreak utility added to their skills. They wouldn’t need to change the skills at all. If you get stunned and you had the certain skill available, you could pop it and break the stun. Imagine playing El Dragon and getting stunned (which is almost certain death for him) and using Dragon Splash to break out of it. Or Rath’s Ultimate. Or Pendles smoke bomb. I don’t know it’s just an idea but I would like to hear what the community thinks. It wouldn’t completely nullify stunning, but it wouldn’t make it as OP. It would also add some more mental strategy to the game. Like if I’m fighting against a character that I know can stun me, I would save my stunbreak skill to use when I get stunned. If they did do this I really don’t think it needs to be avail enough to everyone. Just the toons that can be dropped more quickly than others.


This does nothing against CC heavy teams using stuns sadly. Feel free to break one stun, you will just be hit with another. There needs to be a way to not get stunned 5 times in a row, that’s if you manage to survive the first two stuns. One stun can be dangerous, but the big issue is multiple stuns in a row, and a single stun break does nothing to fix that. I’m not saying CC Heavy teams are a problem, I’m just saying that with a game like this, where even a 1 second stun can mean death, the devs would’ve thought about a system to reduce the duration of a stun in a chain attack before releasing the game. I think we were lucky enough to get some stun durations reduced in time for some skills already. Hopefully, in the next big update chain CCs will get some kind of reducement in duration, or maybe an immunity to CCs of the same type even.


Perhaps the stun break could grant immunity to stuns for a short time?


Then stun wouod become usless vs x character. Lets im playing miko, el dragon keep harrasing me in the back lines and i cant stun him, he can just break it and run away.

It is op vs 1 stun is usless vs more than 1, is op if he is inmune when the other team cant use their skills, specially if the new meta becomes a team of stun breakers tanks would lose all their value


Well it does make it harder to kill some characters, but only the characters that are easy to kill. I’m sure the Miko would appreciate a stunbreak on his biosynthesis when El Dragon stuns him with his Ult’d Dragon Splash.

And it doesn’t make it to where the other team can’t use their skills. It just makes it to where the other team can WASTE their skills. If a character has used their stunbreak and is immune to stuns for a short period of time, then a good player would know not to try to stun them. A bad player would try and fail and end up wasting their skill.

And I don’t think this would make tanks useless. After all, it is their job to soak up the damage that other characters can’t handle and still survive. A stunbreak doesn’t negate any damage, it just lets you get out of what could have been a deadly situation. and you would have to save the skill for that moment anyways. So someone using their skills more offensively without worrying about getting stunned could still be easily locked down. What I’m proposing is a way to survive going 100-0 when playing against stun heavy teams.
It is just an idea, but I don’t think it would make anybody OP.

The thing about dragon splash (and most of the other ideas I can think of) is that it is usable offensively…

El dragon runs at Miko.
Miko stuns.
El dragon jumps up and dunks Miko.
El dragon kills Miko as if it never had a stun.

The only way I could see this working is if activation of the skill costs you the cooldown but doesn’t actually trigger the skill (my visualisation is of Magikarp ‘flailing’ out of a stun and putting its skill on cooldown lolll)

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Well then you could also say

El Dragon goes Ult and stuns Miko
Miko breaks and stuns El Dragon
Miko gets away OR
Enough damage has been done to Dragon to force him to flee

I really don’t like this example to begin because Miko shouldn’t be trying to 1v1 El Dragon

Funnily enough, reading this thread I thought about how important prediction is in competitive Pokemon and compared that to this idea, deliberately keeping a skill anticipating a stun is really just prediction, almost like playing a turn based RPG. Chain CC sucks, but it is what it is, I think the solution is to have diminishing returns on already or recently (say within 2 seconds) stunned Battleborn. Or not, most characters have some form of CC, chaining them has been a tactic since beta, why such a drastic change this late into the game’s lifespan?

The point isn’t so much about El Dragon and Miko, but more that this idea would encourage people to hoard their cooldowns for stun immunity. Ie ‘I will only use my skill if I am stunned - I will therefore bait someone to waste their stun on me and then merc them’.

A bit weird to me, but I think it could be good if the cc-break costed you your cooldown without actually triggering the skill as I suggested. Would be an interesting mechanic.

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Generally I’m pretty sure the consensus is for diminishing returns on cc, though it doesn’t seem they’re doing that. Will have to see how cleanse turns out.

Well I usually don’t engage a Ghalt until I know he’s used his pull. Same way I don’t go for Beatrix until I know she’s used her fulminate. Baiting out skills has always been a strategic gameplay regardless of stun

Yes but (currently) you don’t have a get-out-of-jail-free card if you mess up the bait and get hit. Baiting becomes more like ‘I will walk into Ghalt’s face and if he hooks me I will dragon splash him gg’ (or equivalent for Galilea and such if Ghalt doesn’t count as the cc you have in mind).

Oh well. It was just a suggestion. I guess we willl have to wait and see what Gearbox does. Personally I hate stun. It looks stupid and there’s nothing fun about getting hit with a flying shield or something and your character just stands there looking at the ground for a second or two. It doesn’t flow well with the rest of the game.

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Well thats how tanks works in this games… They have hard cc, they have huge hp pools and can deal consistent/high dmg.

They should not be ignored or you get punished, thats why they are tanks and create a safe area.

To bad ppl can use more than 1.

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I don’t even call them tanks in this game they are just badasses that are more badass than the other badasses in the game


Honestly, I can’t even disagree with this. Boldur and Galilea are the most independent wrecking balls I’ve ever seen in a game that has decided to designate some of its classes as “tanks.”


I proposed this a couple of weeks ago for Miko;

I think having a “self-cleanse” would be way too strong, but I’m not opposed having it on other characters which can use it on their teammates. This ought to be counter balanced though by the character gaining this ability getting a trade-off. In this case Miko’s only form of CC would turn into this cleanse.


Only way to put a dent into the CC meta is by equipping some good health gear to live a lil longer for that clutch heal or to make the enemy team use all their CCs for that 1 kill so your team can retaliate without having to deal with getting CCed


Another good idea for countering the CC Meta perhaps…maybe Gearbox can lessen the amount of characters with it? Or lessen the intensity of certain CC.

Lessen the range of Galilea’s pull AND the extended range she gets later on in levels. Take off the wound on shield toss and lessen the stun duration to 1.5 seconds

Lessen the stun on Boulder’s Boulder Dash, the bleed damage on axe toss.

Lessen the intensity of Miko’s slow and stun

Truthfully no character should be stunning for 2 seconds and the -CC duration gear all around, needs buffing. 1.5 seconds is a fair duration. It gives time for the characters initiating with the stuns to get on the character that’s stunned, but it doesn’t promote the meta we’re seeing now. Tweak the slow intensities cast-wide to not be as intense as say lvl 2/3 accelerators or thumpers.


no character with hard cc should have a health pool above 2k in this game. It literally makes no sense, UNLESS, those same characters hit like paper. A team of 3 tanks and 2 healers should be able to hold ground, but not necessarily out push a team that is more well rounded, but that is not currently the case.

The only solution is for gbx to reevaluate the role of the tank, and while we are on the subject, the support. Kid ultra and alani are both consistently clearing 200k damage in games. Kid ultra does so while passively healing for over 100k, and alani clearing 150k, although actively. The only balanced healer in the game is currently miko, imo. Miko can be 1v1 with any character in the game, which is how it should work. Miko needs to be protected.

For tanky characters, let’s look at shayne, for instance. Is her damage commensurate to her survivability? Not in my opinion. Shayne can kill every bit as fast as someone like rath, but can survive so much more. Galilea is basically God. Kelvin is far too easy to use for the reward he brings. Even montana is pushing 200k games consistently. Something is definitely very wrong right now.