Idea to make Eridium a valuable currency

I’ve had this idea for a while now, and I figured I’d share it with the community and get other people’s thoughts on it.

First, I’d like to present my findings on the current state of Earls veteran rewards machine. As most of us know, it is not possible to get a legendary in the machine, and with that in addition to how easy it is to obtain anointed items in the mayhem modes, the machine ends up being overshadowed and forgotten. From what little research I did, I found out that, and correct me if I am wrong, the Eridium price of the items in the machine are directly tied to the price of the said item, by a ratio of about 53-54 dollars per piece of Eridium,making an item costing 1000 Eridium only worth a measly 54,000 at most (assuming I did my calculations right). I didn’t test for the item of the day, which most likely has some kind of discount , but even then, the trade off is just never worth it. This conversion means that even 10,000 Eridium barely equates to more than half a million dollars! And this is coming from a guy sitting at $99,999,999! I personally suggest a rework of the veteran rewards vendor, but this wasn’t even the point of my post.


I believe that Eridium would become a valuable resource again if there was some sort of store, station, bench, etc. or whatever you want to call it, that allowed you to put a random anoint on any piece of gear you wanted. The anoint, although random, would be weighed more heavily for the class you were playing when applicable, so for instance, if you were trying to get the on AS start regen a grenade on Zane, you wouldn’t be getting the Moze specific anoint for grenades instead. It would cost the Eridium amount equivalent to the gear score of the item. I feel as if it is a perfect balance between being expensive enough to where you need to choose wisely what it is you will benefit most from an added annoint, and not being absurdly costly as to discourage its function. This makes it slightly more costly to reannoint already anointed gear, but also makes gear score’s number seem more relevant, as well as automaticity scaling this system with gear’s level. Lastly, this would be the solution to the long standing problem that is getting anointed quest rewards. Now, on a final note, there are specific items that cannot ever be anointed, such as the scream of terror and ghast call, to name just two. I don’t know if that is an error, or just how the items are meant to function, but I don’t see it as game breaking if these items were allowed to be anointed through this method.

Anyways, sorry for it being such a long post and taking so long to get to the point, as well as being somewhat disorganized in my writing. Let me know what you all think of this, and hey, maybe if this idea, or a similar/improved version gets a lot of traction, gearbox may just end up implementing it!

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Ideas similar to this have been floated around, but usually adding random anointments is just something that comes up as an improvement suggestion for other things, like a (greatly) improved grinder, or reroll/customization mechanic. I think the cost would have to be pretty high, as anointments can get ridiculously powerful, and if every gun could be made anointed, it’ll make anointments feel common and cheap. More so than they already are at this point.

Personally, I’m not entirely fond of anointments, simply because it’s just another feature that people are want in already great guns. I mean, now people aren’t even content with legendaries anymore. Now they have to be anointed for them to be seen as ‘the best’. Next game, or maybe even DLC, there’ll just be another gimmick they’ll add, and the item card will read like an instruction manual. Just had to get that out.

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Guns I am unsure about, but I would love a way to use eridium to customize a class mod with perks and passives. Class mods and artifacts are one of the most critical components on any build, but getting the correct class mod is excruciatingly difficult.

I agree with you.
i dunno about the pricing of it tho…
because there are really few anointed perks that really make the difference.

meaning that even if im “rolling” the perk on a 571 weapon and most of the perks i get are garbage for the most part garbage (witch is fine to have a lot of % of rate on getting a “garbage” perk than a useful one) i will be spending probably too mutch eridium on just a single piece.
GBX could make it like the respec thing on the quick-change. meaning that the price will get incrisingly higher (to the single weapon) starting at…probably 100/150 eridium?

The only thing in this post i don’t find myself agreeing with is this line:

i feel that the eridium is at the peak of it’s usefulness…i feel that in bl2 was REALLY useless.

Great post.