Idea to make iron bear scale

Just equip IB with a user loadable hard point option for each arm. IB not doing enough damage? Fine…just put two shredifiers on there or two ion cannons…boom, instant damage scaling :slight_smile:

Lol i would like this simply cause i loved gunzerking. But could easily become unbalanced, 2 yellowcakes x2 anyone lol.

That was an idea I had for unrelated reasons. :slight_smile:

Say you make a Iron Bear build where you’re inside him 90% of the time… you’re not using all that cool gear you’ve collected. :slight_smile:

He could also make better use of the shield you have on… a skill or augment could include “transfer shield effects to Iron Bear’s bubble shield” or something. The Ember’s Blaze and Red Suit shields stay active in IB already but that’s probably because they also keep their AOE fields up while you’re in a standard vehicle.

What about clomping around in a mech IS balanced?? :stuck_out_tongue: I for one hate balance so while I see what you are saying, I’m still totally for it even with two yellow cakes! Zane’s clone gets his shield and gun at some point right? I mean, why not this then? Mech suits should be juggernauts on the field…not just vault hunters with slightly tougher skin.

I have thought for a while now that IB needs his own item slots. Maybe as a capstone you can unlock something like “custom mods” so he gets a shield slot and you can replace his default hardpoint weapons with players weapons. Or even add them as an augment to the normal hardpoint stuff so say, the grenade launcher can equip player grenade mods but it pulls from your pool or something. Only like for like in the mod slots so the chain guns can only use things like the shredifier or other rotary barrel weapons. The gauss rifle can only equip sniper weapons etc etc…

Just take weapon dps/max damage values and use them for scaling. This way we’d have a meta for IB where we look for the best weapons for the various hard point weapons.

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