Ideal computer specifications to run BL1

So, long time console gamer. Played BL1 religiously since it came out. So much so that most games never seem to keep my attention like this one, not even BL2 or TPS. I played all, enjoyed all but the one that I keep coming back to is this one.

The videos from Grimmjow and Sleep master (sorry if that’s not their names, I’m way too lazy to check again haha) and the dlc they made is just insanity. The belt one I believe (again, too lazy) looked so awesome that it has fueled me to want to purchase a decent desktop but I would love input from my fellow Vault Hunters on just what exactly the ideal setup would be. Smooth game play is my prime directive, so whatever specs will get me there please let me know. I’ll take any and all info you may have.

Also, being a console gamer, the transition from console to PC would be smoother if I could snag a PS3/PS4-ESQUE controller as well so any tips there would be awesome.

The fact that these guys aren’t on the Gearbox payroll is a travesty but I suppose it would explain why the Borderlands games after the first haven’t been quite what we wanted…

Please keep making awesome content. You dudes rock!

Any halfway decent PC with modern hardware should be able to run BL1 at max settings with no issues. I’m not a tech person, so I don’t know as far as specs are concerned. All I know is I bought a $1,200 PC, but you won’t need anything that expensive to run BL1 well. BL1 is a 7 year old game, and modern hardware is more powerful than hardware of 7 years ago. As for the mods… don’t know, don’t have any of the mods installed. As for a gamepad, a Logitech 360 controller is in the same layout as a PS3 gamepad, and BL1 will natively recognize it (a lot of PS3 PC gamepads require fiddling to make them work properly in my experience).

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