Ideal gear to farm for Moze?

I recently got her to 50 and have a good start on gear but want to make her the best in her current stat. I’m a little inexperienced with her so while this farming event is active i need help knowing what i should look for. Not really narrowing down to a specific build but rather what she shines with regardless of the build. Many thanks for your time to respond.

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It’s probably best to get a few of the below for any character, but Moze does well with these as you begin to power-creep upward. Start by getting these, then keep eyes out for anointments that compliment your playstyle.

Top tier:

  • Maggie
  • Cutsman
  • Brainstormer
  • Scourge
  • Westergun (Depending on your build)
  • Cloning Maddening Tracker Grenades
  • Epicenter Grenade
  • Recharger Shield
  • Big Boom Blaster Shield

Mid Tier (Items that could be top tier with the right build)

  • Ogre
  • Flakker
  • Handsome Jackhammer
  • Everblast Purple Tedior Shotgun
  • Mendell’s Shield (Gives you and IB a big health boost)

Top Class mods to watch for:

  • Blast Master (Gives you healing when throwing grenade, even without using those talents)
  • Mind Sweeper
  • Bloodletter (depending on the build)

Relics to look for

  • Things with the suffix words “Victory Rush” and passives related to AOE dmg are nice
  • Prefixes with “Snow Drift” are great becaues Moze has some mobility problems in the harder content when you need to get away from things


  • Ion Cannon
  • Lucky 7

This is just 5 minutes off the top of my head, so i’m sure some people might disagree with me or have some other advice. I’d also consider reading up a few things at the link here as there are a ton of links to other resources.

EDIT: This is prob supposed to be in the Moze forums, for future reference


Awesome! Never ran up on that post so thanks for the heads up. But i did notice you didn’t list a deathless relic with element boost. Stay away from it with her or does it depend on the perks?

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I think @Prismatic (the author of the above post) runs a build with that exact deathless. It’s possible, if a little gear dependent, but they have a build guide for it if you look around here a little. Like i said, these are just a few tips for getting started.

I’d say if you just hit 50, you can either farm and kill things generally to look for what you get, then build around it or you can just laser focus on one build until you have the stuff for it. Depends on how you like to play the game :slight_smile:

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I think i will focus on the grenade regen build.

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Deathless is extremely good for a Shield of Retribution Moze, as it plays heavily into the synergy of Thin Red Line and Desperate Measures. The problem is it can be situationally bad. Certain attacks will 1 shot you when wearing a Deathless. A fight like Wotan is just made that much harder because he can 1 shot you. So it’s a choice you want to consider more carefully.

As Felixthecoach says, I have run a build with it, however that was more a proof of concept about producing stupidly large amounts of damage to combat MH4. The more balanced approach is often to pick a Victory Rush relic over Deathless.


Check out this forum for some tips on that. I wouldnt run a "Grenade only " build, but the proof of concept in it is good link here

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This is great, exactly what i needed. Thanks so much.

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np – good luck!

Can i ask a question, the snowdrift artifact other than slide speed what else does it boost so to speak. The post mentioned projectile speed of the Lyuda.

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Items in the game have Prefixes and Suffixes.

a prefix will give a specific type of bonus, and the suffix is the core element of that item. for example, a Torgue pistol might just be called “The Devastator”, and it will have regular stats on the gun, but if it has the prefix “double penetrating”, it will have a “x2” modifier in the damage on the card, making it do more damage. It will also other stats on the card, but i think you get the point.

Snow Drift is a prefix that adds the effect of increasing slide speed of the player. This just happens to be a way faster speed than sprinting, so a snowdrift can be used to “run” really fast if you keep sliding a few feet, then standing up and sprinting for a few feet, and back and forth. Things like Victory Rush are suffixes and might have different prefixes attached. So there are things like “Last Stand Victory Rush” or “Snow Drift Victory Rush”

Perfect, your awesome. Does it have a dedicated drop source?

I just started a spash damage/ammo regen/grenade chucker build i seen on youtube. Using Ion Lasers with add elem dmg for 2 mag after skill use, Blastmaster Com, Big Boom Blaster, tracking grenades, and Otto Idol. Fun build to play around with once you get used to it. You basically just aim for crits to regen ammo constantly, chuck grenades a a good pace to regen health, and the splash damage just starts melting with the com increasing the damage while trigger is held down. Waiting on this event to farm some Kyb’s worth to replace the Ion Lasers and i’ll be happy.

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Same here on the Kyb’s. Was fortunate enough to get one from the trading section and it really builds your grenades fast. But i want more elements.

I’m not looking forward to farming Wotan. Not because of difficulty but because of the horrible M4 drop rates for the new weapons. All i see on forums is how bad the drops for these are.


Hopefully the scaling will balance it out. Maybe give more chances to farm him…or it.

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