Ideally stuff I would love to see in Borderlands 3 (Hope to see come true as well)

Now I’m unsure if anybody else agrees or wants this but this is just what I believe would be nice addition to the game. Maybe a personal want list. Think of it more like a wish list I guess. Maybe a glimpse of hope. The game has gotten better over time however we all know there’s more to come. (I would hope so obviously.)

Out all of the builds I made with my slam relics I STILL it’s been fun and pretty hard for me to put down using one after that update to our guardian rewards. (Forgot the name but it makes our vault hunter be able to slam from normal jump height.) I FELL IN LOVE with the game more after that and couldn’t stop with the build crafting around it.

However I would of LOVED to see Amara action skill phaseslam activate slam relics too. This would of no doubt more her ability that much cooler and powerful…slamming on my foes then you see pubble and fireballs left behind. Oh my…just me thinking about has me fantasizing how well jab cross would work with that too. Since slamming on enemies activates jab cross and jab cross gives you that nice buff towards gun damage and action skill damage. I think I can see why Gearbox didn’t do this because it sounds overpowered but then again LOOK AT PHASEGRASP AND THE OP STUFF WE GOT NOW MAN! THAT’S WAY MORE OP! I still wait to see this change happen because I think it would give slam relics a much more impactful place in the game than they do now especially since 1 out 4 vault hunters can actually use it IN a action skill since phaseslam has slam in the name and it technically is or should be considered a slam. I have hope Gearbox will make this additional change. Slam relics are AMAZING right now especially with groundbreaker (another bonus reward from Guardian ranks) and the mayhem scailing for slam it just made it that much stronger. Hopefully this will come true someday.

Buff to weapons that are struggling:
Gearbox has been doing this already but some legendary weapons are either a joke or just left untouched. At least the ones I been trying to play with. Pain is power sets user on fire but buffs your damage overtime and doesn’t consume ammo. This gun is actually pretty good when you build into it right however it struggles every now and then. I can’t help but feel this gun could use a buff but that’s not all of course. Bearcat the assault rifle I mentioned this awhile back ammo consumption has been improved however the damage is still just not enough. This gun has received improvements but to say the gun still struggles till this day kinda HURTS😂 then we have Crossroad smg I feel like this gun used to be good but now it’s just eh…not all that great. Sometimes not that good. There’s so many better options. Tidal wave never been good, TK Baha never been good, Boomer just…yikes. That gun can be on and off for awhile. Not just that. Does anybody else feel like Torgue shotguns could use some love? I do? The fire rate and damage is just off to me a bit then the magazine can be questionable at times. Of course Flakker I’m unsure how good that’s doing. Point is more weapons buffs are needed but maybe there can be more than one way to making something just as good as the other options.

Now this one people keep talking about a lot. I ONLY PLAYED AMARA AND FLAK SO FAR SO BY NO MEANS DO I KNOW HOW BAD ALL MODS ARE IN THE GAME :joy: However I wanna see a buff to Amara mods and Flak for sure.
Right now the only 2 mods most of the community picks up is phasezerker and spiritual driver. Every now and then you’ll see maybe a nimbus or a dragon class mod being used however that’s it. I would LOVE to see the other mods receive a buff or heck a rework if needed. Amara class mods called the Stone and Golden rule are just not up there they need a push to be there as a good option. Golden rule I talked about awhile back you have to run a substitute, maybe a handicap just to make that any where viable or useful. Stone I’m not even sure is worth that because even with very high damage reduction which is the point of that mod. Basically good defense but even with that I felt it could of been better. I’m not very sure how to improve the stone mod but Golden rule can definitely be improved. (I do wanna say though in my opinion stone mod from Dlc 2 is better than the other damage reduction mod Amara has from base game in my opinion so there’s that. Rope-a-dope Breaker wasn’t it? Stone outclasses that mod but I guess that’s only if you’re running Mystical assault but you get my point.)Now Flak mods I didn’t wanna go into as much but Redfang should of been something IN his tree or the default of what Gamma burst does. Rakk commander should of given bonuses to damage for Rakk takk same for one of his augments and the mod from dlc 2 that I keep forgetting the name of ahould of never made it into the game until the capstone and that mod were both buffed AND REWORKED.

Last but not least I would of loved to see a buff to shields and some annointeds. My god offense shields like RECTIFIER feels so weak even for a utility base. Then the annointeds I can’t help but feel need some love. The siren anointed for radiation 40% is just weak in comparison to are other options. Guess you can say the bonus damage annointeds are just too great but then what of the killing annointed for 5% damage what of the consecutive hit annointeds? Actually the consecutive might be good on some weapons but all I’m saying is some of these anointeds I come across could use a bit of a buff.
It takes 5 kills just to get my 5% per kill per stack annointed to do damage around something like a grenade throw annointed. I might as well use the grenade throw 25% one. (If I get a bad annointed at least give me the reroll annointed option that I still plead for although that’s not the only reason I want a reroll anointed option somewhere. Lets be honest getting the annointed you don’t want is an often thing so often in fact it’s like we’re just farming for annointeds rolls instead of the actual loot so lets make that front easier to deal with so we can just focus on the loot itself for our builds is all I’m saying.)

Once again I hope to see these changes come through someday it would really improve the game in different ways.

Anybody else wanting these changes? Maybe something similar? Heck maybe something better?


Breaker can spawn with a point in Find Your Center (melee damage). That and the DR gets better the closer you are to an enemy. At least IMO Dragon is way, way worse.

Shield damage improvements would be more than welcome. Rectifier that you mentioned does single digit damages on normal mode when your guns are in hundreds. I’ve not even bothered looking how bad it is when you take your base 60 shield to M10. There are very few damage dealing shields that are worth anything. This is however something that I believe GBX has said they are looking into.

That sentence where you mention consecutive hits anointment is kind of a mess so it’s hard for me to understand if you consider it weak or not but it is a very strong anointment as it builds from any damage you do while holding the weapon such as DOT ticks.

I’m not using Torgue much at all but I’ve heard that the sticky bombs have a cap for how many there can be and then they just start disappearing (not exploding) which definitely sounds like something that needs to be fixed. What’s the point of having guns that attach a lot of bombs if they just go away if you try to stack them. Like I said tho, no personal experience on this one so I might be wrong.


Yea I was saying consecutive hits was strong as well as good with builds around it and Breaker I can see is still I guess somewhat good but I was talking about for damage reduction in comparison however Breaker isn’t"t bad. I agree it’s somewhat better than Dragon. (I keep saying somewhat because the only thing cool to me about it is the skills that are boosted.) Also I believe if Breaker is only good because of the skill boosted then I don’t really call that a good mod in my book
If I want damage reduction stone does that. 115% damage reduction is hard to argue though that does mean you have to play into mystical assault)

Although knowing me I’d still choose Dragon because I love the idea of it. (WHAT IF THE DRAGON MOD ACTIVATED ON REGULAR SLAM TOO OR MAKE OT SO SHE CAN RUN TWO AUGMENTS! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: JUST A THOUGHT!)

As for Torgue I felt like the fire rate is bad mag can be low depending on your roll and damage is sometimes good then off but this honestly could be just from the rolls I keep getting. I REALLY WISH THERE WAS A WAY TO FARM FOR BETTER ROLLS FOR THE KIELBASA SHOTGUN AND REROLL ANNOINTED SYSTEM TO BACK IT UP :joy: