Ideas and some bug fixes

Good day, I was just thinking of some things i hear so often in playing battle born with other people which i think might help the game and people playing it.

  1. At the beginning of an incursion game where the player jump around in the safe zone, all they do is shoot each other, so why not let them kill each other which will not add to K/D and when the match is about to start let everything reset as normal and if players do not want to fight then they can stay in the original re-spawn area.

2.Allow players to ask opposing team for a rematch or keep both teams after every game and just juggle them around unless they are in a party.

  1. Allow all players to talk to each other when the match is over for a brief time and also at the beginning in the matchmaking.

  2. Allow players searching for a mission for choose a particular level and search to see if anyone is playing that level instead of having to keep quitting or leaving when you dont get that specific level that you want

  3. Mikos healing beam does a glitch allowing enemies to easily locate you… when you are healing someone with mikos healing beam and rath for example knocks you in the air a healing beam that does not heal attaches to your teammate forever giving off their location.

6.Have a multiplayer game which all about just killing players. No minions, or sentries just PVP also a big team battle.

7.You guys could have groups where players fight players in their level range or choose to…like 1-10. 20-30. 90-100 so players can feel more confident fighting teams their level and make it more interesting for high levels vs high levels.

  1. Have tournaments monthly weekly or whatever great way to have players call their friends to form a team and win great prizes.

  2. At character select i find it ridiculous that player cant change their character if they pick the wrong one and same for their power ups or mutations.

Thats all i have for now but if anymore inquires should come up i will message again.


should also already be able to see who the person is highlighted over so you don’t double pick on story mode.

There are tournaments out there surprised you haven’t heard of none. Reddit just had one where GBX gave out prizes and that was all over reddit and I’m pretty sure Battlefy and GBX tweeted about it. I also host weekly tournaments my self which are all over reddit and there has been posts in here. Now if your talking about GBX hosting some themselves I doint know if they are or not

I was refering to tournaments in the game. For example you have story and command and multiplayer select option… im saying there should have a tournament options that comes in once in a while that online gamers can take part in, in battleborn and win gear or taunts or gold coins etc.

Why would anyone want to do this?

You can do this in Capture mode.[quote=“jael73, post:1, topic:1539912”]
You guys could have groups where players fight players in their level range or choose to…like 1-10. 20-30. 90-100

You can’t do this when there are only a few hundred players on at a time on PC. Divide those couple of hundred into Story and Multiplayer and you have even less of a pool. Then divide what’s left for Multiplayer into the different maps and you are left with maybe 150-200 players on Incursion? The queue would never pop if they were separated by Command level.

1.Alot of people would want to hence the reason I posted it cause alot of players talk about it and like i said it wont affect your K/D or anything and if you want the original spawn areas in the little circle you start in when you stand in that circle no one will be able to hit you but if you walk out then they can.

2.Capture mode still has objectives… im talking about a mode with no objectives. The only objective would be to kill players and reach a score before time runs out

  1. People can choose of they want to…they can do a general search or like private made set up they can set up a lobby or something where they only want to search for player levels 90- 100 and anyone with the same desire will join if not then just do a general search as normal… again it messes up the game for some lower levels who want to enjoy a good game with players on their same level rather than a team full on 100 and a team full of 100 would like a challenge against a team full of high levels.