Ideas and suggestions

Make it possible to unequip your pet

Make it possible to skip cutscenes Atleast make it possible after you finished the game already.

Get rid of all penalties on Mayhem modes These penalties are not making me change my build, and I don’t want to. I just want the enemies to be stronger on all aspects equally. If you want to make Mayhem modes more interesting/different, you have to give certain enemies extra buffs or immunity, but global penalties are annoying.

Rare statistic spikes It would be cool if there could be super rare statistic spikes in the end-game. Everything seems to be capped without any small variations. Right now it’s always 45% max critical etc.

Improved Rooms The customization of the rooms is super bare minimum. They added some hooks and that’s it. Room skins, and placing decoration that can drop from enemies would be a big improvement.

Infinity gun variations Some variations on the infinity pistol

Bigger bank My bank is full with legendaries, everytime I find a new legendary I need to drop another one, really annoying when you like collecting them

PvP Arena A gladiator style level with a crowd and a broadcaster similar to the Killavolt mission in which you can choose to fight 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs1. And before the match players can place a small bet on who they think would win.


Just unequip it then

No point, green gear is already perfectly usable and white gear is meant to be trash.

It can already be completed in co-op.

No, this would remove the point of a unique infinity pistol

The only thing I agree with. We need it to be ten times the size it is.

NO. Even more people would scream for “balance” changes. I played Destiny 2 a lot and PvP totally ruined some action skills and weapons just because of the PvP part. Also this game has no anti cheat system, everything is saved locally and there are no servers, only peer to peer, it would be horrible.

Just remove the perk. Not as “cool” but the game is done. They will not add new features.

I kinda agree, there could be “exceptional” loot drops. A very old MMO had this system (SWTOR).

I agree, there should be some similar shooting range to test weapons like in Bl2.


I don’t know

Agree, I made myself 15 bank chars to store all the loot (went to sanctuary with one char and then just made a copy of the save and renamed it 14 times. But it’s not really comfortabel to store all the loot from the bank to the chars and back.

A) I hope the game is not done lol…
B) pinging items in the game exists, the attack command exists, making the pets sandbox an item that can be targeted with the attack command thus telling the pet to sleep - would honestly not be terribly complicated
C) since balance fixes seem to be a higher priority than performance issues, hardly seems like something to simply disregard just because you might not use it

I will just mention that I don’t think there is a way to unequip the pets, I had tried when mine kept getting in the way all the time but it seems it cannot be temporarily unequipped while you loot or whatever.


You can unequip by respeccing and not choosing a pet until you need it… Wouldn’t surprise me if pc folks have a hack to turn it off and on but on console that’s the only way I’ve found.

My idea to bring back Maya

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Well, they can’t even fix all characters in 4 weeks, they didn’t change a lot during that time, changing some values up, some down, everyone can do that in one day.

I have no hope that they turn BL3 into a game like Warframe with a lot of updates and support.