Idea's for a new taunt and Skin for the battleborn characters

Now I don’t think some one that’s linked to Gearbox would see this post but hey if they do I will like it a lot! So i was talking to the people on the Battleborn Discord about the movie the Wizard of Oz and a taunt Idea I came up with for Galilea. So if you ever watched the movie the main villain known as the Wicked Witch of the West gets killed by having a bucket of water poured on her, and she melts into a puddle. I was thinking there could be a taunt just like that but with Galilea!

But then this got me and some other people on the discord to start thinking about skins for the other Battleborn that’s based off of the Wizard of Oz.

Here’s what we got so far.

Orendi as the Wicked Witch of the West.
Marquis as the Tin Man
Montana and or Wishkey as the Straw Man
As for the lion We had mix feelings on who to go with. It was a tie between Toby and Attikus.
For Dorthy it again was a mixed bag between: Bea, Alani, and Melka.
And the Wizard could be Kleese.

As for Toto? We had no idea who to go with so I am sure some one could come up with something.

I must thank the people on the Battleborn Discord with helping me brain storm about these skins! Thanks guys!

Glenda the Good Witch could be Miko

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Boldur as a member of the lollipop guild

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Oh, this is good! The green ops 5 skin for Kleese is called “the geat and powerful”. I thought that was a nice touch. Kelvin should be the lion, his spikes look kinda like a big mane already. I think Alani, mell, Reyna, Beatrix and Phoebe are all good candidates for dorthy but the best has to be Shayne with aurux as toto. Ambra is Glinda, and orendi is the WWotW. Miko is the scarecrow. Of the robots I think Isic is most suited for tin man, just personal preference.
Boulder needs a candy skin with a lollipop axe immediately!

Now if you go by how the characters play. Pendles is the lion because he is most cowardly. Montana is scarecrow because he is brainless. Kelvin is tin man because he is heartless. Mell is dorthy because she just wants to go home.

I don’t know why but after i was done reading this i was like

“Damn dude that’s deep.”

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Thanks. I put some thought into it.

Kelvin as the Yellow Brick Road

ISIC is the Wizard of Oz

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Would you even make a skin after the Yellow Brick Road? I mean it’s needed for the plot but it’s not really a character per say.