Ideas for a THIRD TAKEDOWN theme?

I know what you’re thinking. “The corpse of the breach takedown is STILL WARM, bruh. What’s the rush?”

Ignoring the health bugs (that cant be a feature now, is it?), im loving the style of this raid, and i can’t wait to discover the other half of the map im missing still. This is my sorta raid.

But while playing it, it got my gears running:
We have the maliwan takedown. We have the eridian takedown. What will be next?

We covered the techonology theme, we covered the alien theme. What’s left?
Pandoran theme! BANDITS! A run through a bandit stronghold!

My dumb idea: a high priest of the church of the twin gods wants vengeance and is rallying the bandits for a comeback. Simple enough. The twist to it and the way to introduce enemy variants, or the priest boss: he is seriously pumped with eridium. Making annointed enemies look like mere resized reskins of enemies. (Heh.) Make him monstruous or something.

I thought about this because it’s 2 raids in a space theme now, and its honestly not my favorite. Not a fan of galactic skies. (The eridian breach skybox is DELICIOUS though)
I want more dessert. More scrap-made buildings. Leaks everywhere, trash, etc. Ye olde borderlands style.

Just a random idea i got.

Y’all thought of a 3rd raid theme you’d love to see happen? Maybe a raid on the tediore headquarters? HAHAHA!



vladof vs. tediore should be a DLC

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It will be a CoV Takedown with a lot of anointed enemies. 2goliaths,3 thinks and 2 militants at once.

When I close my eyes, I see how fast I will quit it.



Well, from moze’s story and the general feeling, vladof would be of the bad guys companies.
While tediore has always been more of a chill, family friendly, home defense weapons style.

Teaming with tediore to stop the vladof armies would be SO COOOOOOOL

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If so, which is the theme im hoping for, id expect less annointeds and more “reworked” or new enemies.

Same way the maliwans have the Krakens, the COV could have some sort of vehicles. cars in the battlefield- omg. a car only raid??

Or maybe some sort of robotic armor enemies called Agonizer Beta

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No Vehicles!
Remember Dlc 2, when you have to roll over some enemies? On M4 it took really long.

But I can imagine what you thinking.

Edit: But the idea with the Tediore VS. Vladof is really great

My guess would be that the 3rd Takedown would be retailers taking Borderlands 3 off the shelves if they keep shooting themselves in the foot.


Yes Vehicles!
Keep your hopes up. Its pretty clear that vehicles are weak as balls. But they aknowledged it and inf act they can be targeted with mayhem modifiers too. This means in the future they could be viable for fun fights again.

Y’HEAR ME, G’BOX? We want vehicles but properly! Its not that we hate em, theyre just weak in endgame/mayhem.

this is a rather old request :stuck_out_tongue:

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I imagine a cov takedown as well, it will complete the factions of bl3 we already had Maliwan and Guardians, cov takedown is missing

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And don’t forget the animal (are they considered a faction?) takedown full of borderland’s wacky wildlife.


I think gearbox said theres going to be one takedown for each faction/enemy type in the game at one point

i will actually cry if this ever happens

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Defending home invasion with Tediore weapons might get a little… destructive lol

Gonna get my .02 in, a Beast Takedown.

Mid boss would be Dukino, he’s not so friendly anymore.

End boss would be a big… ass… jabber that is much more advanced than the rest of his race.

Hammerlock would give the quest.


Simply put:

Hyperion. Loaders. The most fun enemy in the game IMO, both in BL3 and BL2


A Hyperion Takedown is gonna be super fun when we get one!

Hyperion Takedown for sure.

Hyperion Takedown with INAC (Interplanetary Ninja assasin Claptrap) as a Invincible!

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Vladof! I feel like Anshin, Pangolin, and Tediore aren’t in need of taking down. The other manufacturers have been featured heavily in this or previous titles.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Iron Bears in a Vladof Takedown will be a little more effective than Moze’s lmao