Ideas for a THIRD TAKEDOWN theme?

Siren Takedown

Those powers need to go somewhere.

oohoo hammerlock. a nice twist since its often tannis

oh yes please, vladof takedown. Bear vs Bear. They should be the midboss, similar to the maliwan mechs or somehting.

Lorelai gave the MTD quest, she has the scoop on Maliwan. Tannis gave the mission for GTD, she picked up energy readings from Minos Prime. It makes since for Hammerlock to catch wind of a mob of very powerful beasts converging needing to be hunted!


ah right, lorelai. lowkey forgot she existed, gee…
Well totally agree with you. This is something that would fit perfectly, a hammerlock raid.



Yeah, probably CoV. I guess there’s a chance for it to be a completely new faction like Vladof or Tediore but the Children of the Vault are the largest already existing faction and so far, the Takedowns have mostly just tinkered with stuff that was mostly already in the game.

Yeah. Another reason for the COV being it is, and dont crucify me for wanting to continue the calypso storyline, that the ending of the game is the end of the COV.

No DLC features the COV as the center and cause of the theme. Whereas the BL2 base story spawned the plot for the big hunt DLC, the dragon keep, and technically the presequel. And then there’s the handsome jackpot, too. You know where im going with this?

Handosme jack “caused” a lot of extra content, but the COV didnt yet. I think a raid against a stronghold and a high priest of the COV would hit the spot for this. Hell, wanna sweeten the deal?

Release it on christmas and make it mercenary day themed. The twin gods as a COV replacement for santaclaws. “Vault hunter! The COV are trying to steal mercenary day! STOP THEM!”

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True that. Besides, two prominent cult leaders dying wouldn’t just immediately destroy a cult like the CoV.
Instead, there would probably be several bandit bosses trying to either establish themselves as the new cult leaders or at least gain a lot of influence among the bandits.

An interesting idea for a Takedown would be one where there’s actually several bandit factions fighting each other, and you would have to fight your way through and kill each of their bosses which then could open up a raid boss, a little bit like the Cartels.


omfg yes, and it should be given by vaughn. Maybe that would be another way to spin the takedown - the clan wars.

You go fight representing the sun smashers, Fight 2 minibosses from 2 clans and at the end there’s some sort of seriously monstruous goliath from the hodunks xD

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At this point I’d rather they just ditch the takedown format for a more traditional boss rush.

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My Idea for a Takedown would be an Insect-themed Takedown. It’d be the infiltration of a gigantic Hive-like structure on a volcanic planet in order to exterminate the newly-born Invincible Queen which threatens to take her swarm and completely obliterate whole planets like the biblical swarm of Locusts.

Part I: Survival. Simply defeat all the worker/soldier bug thingies outside the hive in order to gain access within.

Part 2: Maze Puzzle. The structure is like a series of tunnels too complex to find your way normally. You’d have to go through a series of 3-5 mini-boss encounters that would guide the player to the next area. Like defeating the mini-boss could illuminate the correct way to the next mini-boss through like some bio luminescent slime trails. There will be some light platforming as well.

Part 3: Mid-Boss Fight. Some Elite Bug monster thingies. Fight will be on 3 floating/suspended platforms that will shift around throughout the boss fight. They’ll be like 3 bug dudes which affect the platform they’re on (they’ll be jumping from platform to platform throughout the fight in pre-set patterns). One could be like a breeder bug thingies that lays and hatches babies to attack you, another could place hazards on the ground that slow/stun you if you walk into them (like spider webs and quicksand), The other would be straight up Beserker Bug that fights up-close and personal (think Sephiroth fight from Kingdom Hearts)

Part 4. Timed Platforming. In this part you’ll locate certain points within the Hive structure, place things that go BOOM and puzzle-platform your way out while dealing with a few remnants of soldier bug thingers along the way.

Part 5. RAID BOSS. You get out, things go boom, then Raid Bug thingy comes out alive and pissed off. Fight ensues, debris, lava, and Bug Queen attacks all around. Queen transitions through its evolutionary stages throughout the fight Larvae -> Adult. 3 stages total. First stage Red health bar, fleshy Larvae worm creature, Second Stage Armored exoskeleton bug creature, third stage sexy anime monster girl (jk) Hideous bug queen thing with legs and wings and mouths and eyes etc.

Platforming: There would be “volcanic air pockets” that act like launch pads, Platforms with a weight limit (sorry Iron Bear) mantling. Stuff like that.

New heads, skins, guns, shields, artifacts, and grenades with a “Hive Mind” feature. The more people in the team with Hive Mind items equip, more bonuses they’ll grant (similar to the shield thingy in BL2 or the faction gear in Battleborn).

Ta-Dah, that’s all.

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yes. Take the devs for this one and:

  1. Wipe their entire body down in poison Ivy.
  2. Coat in honey.
  3. Place on red ant hill.
  4. Leave for 7 days.

Should they survive, let them know instead of designing Takedowns their new job is to fetch coins angry players have ‘dropped’ in sewer grate.

Ims hocked that you didnt use vermivorous the invincible for this.
BL2’s way of fighting vemri was Borderline 2, it sucked and it was the worst for faming. Making vermi a estable boss in a raid would be perfect for obtaining the Norfleet in borderlands 3 (im sorry if someone googles this and gets disappointed that its just a concept idea, LMAO!)

Which would also be a fun way to get the norfleet in BL3.

Claptrap Takedown

Someone made a copy of the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap and made an army of them on some random ass planet somewhere. Vault Hunters have to go and stop them, but not because it’s the right thing to do, but because Claptrap is worried the evil Claptraps will hurt the branding of his new toy line.

Claptrap is my favorite character in Borderlands, but I know a lot of people don’t like him, so it would be fun for them to kill Claptraps. I just want Claptrap to narrate my adventure because he is funny. Win-win for people that love or hate him.


Stop making free content and fix the game first…

How about a “Stop ignoring the games issues” takedown… So much better… Imagine a takedown that fixes loot drops, balances gear, makes action skills viable, fixes stability issues and dare i say makes mayhem fun and exciting… Now THAT would be a takedown to release!!

I really want COV takedown with one badass militant as the raid boss lmao. It would tilt everyone but it would be hilarious. Something along the lines of:

Troy and Tyreen created an anointed army they were going to use against the universe, but the vault hunters killed them before they could enact their final plan. Now the vault hunters have to take out the army they left behind before they f*ck the world up!


I actually spit reading this LOL

COV Takedown is the most logical next step, but it would also be cool to have a Saurian/Jabber Takedown, expanding off that one side mission on Eden-6. Otherwise, I don’t know how we could get more of the beast enemies involved in the takedowns.

What if instead of a similar-styled takedown, we had a new “tower defense” kind of thing? Like, the enemies are trying to Takedown YOU, and you need to protect whatever base you’re at (maybe a Crimson Raiders outpost or Vaughn’s new Bandit Stronghold with NPCs helping you out!)

What if killing enemies gave you some kind of currency, and then you can spend them to unlock better defenses? (turrets, stronger NPCs or even named characters)

I’d personally love a game type like this, especially in multiplayer!

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The claptrap robolution never felt canon enough to me and this would be a hilarious way to bring it back.