Ideas for borderlands 3 (weapon/gear crafting & upgrading)

So I’ve been thinking of these ideas since borderlands 2 came out. And since they might be making a third one, I’ve decided to throw in my two cents here in hopes that the developers read this and consider using them.

So here are my ideas.

  1. Weapon and Gear crafting.
  2. Weapon and Gear upgrading(scaling).
  3. Improvement to adaptive shields(plus legendary).

Here’s how they work.

  1. Weapon/Gear crafting.
    Since all guns in borderlands consist of parts (body, barrel, grip etc) I thought it would be a good idea to have a station where you put in three weapons of the same type (three assault rifles for example) and make a new gun using parts from the previous three, randomly assembling or throwing away the leftover gun parts. You could do the same thing with shields and grenade mods. This process would be restricted to rarity and type (example three ‘green-rarity’ assault rifles)

  2. Weapon/Gear upgrading(scaling).
    It always bothered me when I spent hours farming for good gear that was at my level, only to have to do it again a few level-ups later. So I thought, why not have someone in the game who could scale a selected weapon or piece of gear up to your current level? That way, you don’t have to farm for a level 50 legendary that you already got at level 25. They wouldn’t do it for free of course, they would require a special currency (like eridium or moonstone) Price would vary depending on two factors. The level gap between the item’s level and your current level, and the rarity level of the item.

  3. Improvement to adaptive shields(plus legendary).
    I like the idea of having a shield that will adapt to resist elemental damage, but I don’t like that they can only resist a single elemental type at a time. So when you’re attacked by multiple enemies using two different elements, it’s not going to work at all. My idea, is that the shields can resist all elements at the same time and as they take damage, their elemental resistance grows by a set percentage per hit. Example there’s an adaptive shield that has a capacity of 500, a recharge rate of 130, a recharge delay of 2.05, and adds 300 points of health or something. now the shield would have a natural starting resistance to elemental damage, say… 20% or so. But underneath that, there would be something like this ( + 2% per hit ) meaning that if you were shot once by an elemental gun, the shield would now have 22% elemental resistance. So when you get a status effect on you, that resistance will build up pretty quickly. And if the shield hasn’t taken any damage for a while, the amount of resistance will slowly return to it’s starting level back at 20%. Naturally this opens up an opportunity for a legendary shield that can resist normal damage as well as elemental.

Well… That’s my two cents. Hope you like it.

(edit) I also wanted to say something about how health regeneration on class mods should be percentage based and not set numbers. But it’s really late. And I’m tired… So I won’t :wink:

In terms of parts, it would be pretty cool if bosses dropped specific guns and specific parts, like a jakob’s sniper stock. At the crafting station you should be able to make anything you want, even if its terrible. Like, maybe a pistol with a sniper barrel, and shotgun stock. Craziness. I love it.

Crafting in BL has been brought up a few times in the past, pretty sure GBX has already stated that they do not want to incorporate crafting in BL. I thing the grinder is the closest thing we will get. Which IMO is good, crafting kind of takes away the fun of finding that perfect piece of gear. I like picking up new gear every few levels, it leads to more ways to play the game. If you stick with just a few pieces of gear you might never realize the potential of other guns.

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