Ideas for Borderlands 3

Not sure where to start. Borderlands is a great series. As I’ve played from 1 through The Pre Sequel and 2, I’ve noticed a few things that could make the third installment great. More open world, as well as multi world, as at the end of 2 Jack had a map of multi vaults. Personal character builds… not pre named, pre gendered characters. Offline campaign as well as multi online, including Raid Bosses, for which multi player is not just recommended. New elemental weapons, maybe air, ice, earth… you get the jist. As well as new creatures, with new elements as well. New vehicles, as I am envious of buzzards, and rocket packs. Maybe even a pet system for newer classes like Death trap and Bloodwing. Maybe even throw in a twist where Roland isn’t really dead, but was a doppelganger like Jacks doubles… I can go on, but feel free. Not sure if you guys at Gearbox read ALL ideas, but if you do… creedos.

I want a new gun called Scope Creep whose bullets ricochet in the direction of the developers.

all good ideas hopefully they listen

I’ve been thinking about ways to improve borderlands 3 to add value for repeat play:

  • throw way playthrough 3: in borderlands 2 there are 6 characters, if you want to reach maximum level you will have to play the story 18 times! I love the story, but 18 times is a bit much…
    so here is my suggestion:
    Playthrough 2 automatically scales everything to you’re personal level from the get go. Maybe it doesn’t even require you to play through the story, all missions can be ‘unlocked’ and replayed at any given time. Maybe you give some eridium or whatever to replay a certain quest, this way you can do that mission over and over and keep on getting the rewards for it. In borderlands 2, certain missions gave a plue weapon with red text as reward. Som of them were awesome, but if you wanted a maximum level of that weapon, you had to not even accept the quest untill you were the desired level and then do the mission and hope for a nice version.
    With this system you can play EVERY mission in playthrough 2 whenever you want and get a level appropriate version of the reward you want.

  • throw away the bank and claptrap bank system. Fuse both into 1 shared bank system, shared between all characters. I’m tired of hours and hours of spending time to put weapons in claptrap bank and picking them up with other characters.
    Make a shared bank system, with bank ‘tabs’ which you can name (ex: level 1-10 weapons, smg’s, rocket leaunchers, … whatever the player thinks is good for his/her own weapon management system). And don’t give any limits to these tabs, ok you can let the players buy extra space in tabs for some eridium, or even use eridium to buy extra bank tabs. Just don’t limit all that precious space to keep our weapons. A lot of hoarders play this game, don’t punish them, help them feed their need! (yes i am one, i even made extra characters in borderlands 2 for keeping all my weapons i don’t use much anymore) For a haorder like me this makes all the difference, for the developpers this is just a little extra in a save file.
    Also with this system a good system for save files is needed! Don’t make a general save file for this that can be accidentally overwritten if you select a wrong storage location. I had this with borderlands 2 and lost ALL skins and heads this way … really annoying!

  • make a good save system so players will not loose anything: weapons, skins, challenges, story, … anything!

  • cheating: people will find a way to cheat and copy weapons, don’t worry about that. Don’t try to prevent this, but expect it and integrate this into your gameplay.
    Let 2 players visit a copy station. 1 player puts in the desired weapon, the other player puts in a certain amount of eridium/money/weapon parts, … into the machine and then player 2 gets a randomised version of that same weapon (also from the same level as the Original offcourse)

  • challenges: i like the challenge system, but for repeated play you can make a lot of the challenges repeatable. For instance all the weapon challenges get a start when you complete the final level of that challenge, but then that final level restarts so you can keep on earning badass points

These are the big and general ideas i have that i think realy need changing to Ensure borderlands 3 will be played for years to come! I have plenty of other idea’s but they are of lesser priority then these and i’ll put them in other posts.

PS: i have not read other posts about borderlands 3 ideas, so if i say anything that has already been say: i apologise for the extra spam. I just like potted meats.

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Another gamechanger idea is this:

weapon part system, where you can salvage guns you no longer need, or when you collect a gun you unlock these parts for later use (ex: if you find a hellfire, you unluck that hellfire ability, not only for smg’s but also other types of weapons).
Then you can go to a weapon building station and you can create your own weapons using some sort of point system that limits what you can put in there.
Example: i want to make a shotgun. I get 50 points to make this shotgun. The hellfire ability costs 20 points, maybe i also want my shotgunspread to look like a vault symbol which i got from another weapon. This ability costs 15 points. So i have15 points left to spent but i don’t want any more specials on it. So i put those 15 points with extra damage, or reload speed.
When the game generates this weapon, it’s stats will be determined by the level of the desired generated gun + the part used to determine the looks of the gun + rarity type (orange, pearlescent, …) + any extra points in a certain stat will raise that particular stat.

Off course these weapons can’t just be used in the game, it gives room for creating overpowerd stuff. So add a sort of ‘holodek room’ in the base of the player. There they can replay levels of previous borderlands games and test out their new weapons, or the weapons made by friends to get a second opinion. (challenges do not count in this holodek world)

Then put in a system that players can submit 1 to 3 weapon designs each month. Each month some gearbox crew can test out these weapons, make a selection of about 5 weapons, and let players decide whitch of these 5 weapons will be added as a new orange/pearlescent/whatever color weapon as new possible loot in the main game!
Off course players can name their creation, and these player made weapons will also show the gamertag of the player who won this contest.

So this adds to the game:

  • custom made weapons
  • monthly contest with a chance of glory
  • revisit those beloved levels, enemies and bosses of the older games while testing out you’re new stuff
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you can put minus points on a certain stat (damage, reload speed, fire rate, whatever) to increase the weapon mod point so you can add more abilities, so put in -10 on damage and you can create a weapon with 60 points in stead of 50.

50 being the cap on orange weapons, and pearlescent maybe have 70, so rarity not only affect the base stats of the weapon creation process but also the amount of stuff you can put in it

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