Ideas for Borderlands 3

  1. Gun customization: Place gun crafting tables around the environment to upgrade and dissemble weapons to your liking. Different upgrades would become available upon leveling your character.

  2. Realistic enemy AI’s and interaction: The ability to hide behind boxes, objects, etc. without being noticed. Surprise melee an enemy from behind without them hearing you approach (great future assassin skill.) the ability to grab an enemy as hostage and use them as a shield.

  3. Character ability customization: I loved Mordecai in BL1 and Bloodwing. I wished something similar would have been in BL2. If there are set characters in BL3, the ability to choose from several different abilities for that character would be nice. I’ll use Mordecai as an example: I could choose Bloodwing, a Scag, or Spiderant to help me attack for my ability.

  4. Character hideout: I would love the ability to have your own personal “sanctuary” or something of the like that you could store items at. Your own hideout perhaps within sanctuary. Your place to call home. You could upgrade your “home” as you level to larger storage lockers, collect items you find and perhaps build a gun crafting station within your home.

  5. Create more than one character: Ability to have more than one character under your Xbox live account.

  6. Underwater treasures and monsters: The ability to swim and find deep buried treasure underwater and fight off sea creatures. Perhaps find legendary pressured water guns.

  7. Vehicle customization: Ability to unlock special gun add-ons, wheels, flame thrower, spikes and more to your one of a kind vehicle. Possibly unlock a “temporary invisibility” trait to your vehicle.

  8. Multiplayer messages: I love how you can leave hints and secrets to other players in Dark Souls 3. Something similar in BL3 - maybe other players can post on a “wanted board” to combat another player and offer a reward or an amount of money to kill that player. Or ask for help on a mission which other players can join. Players could combat other players and place rewards if they win or opposite - take a certain amount of their money if they lose!

  9. Solo play difficulty: At times I wish there was a difficulty level for BL2 - sometimes gameplay became too easy.

  10. More cutscenes and interaction: More gameplay cutscenes and interaction with AI’s rather than a face in the corner talking to you on the radio. More interaction and missions where an AI character can join you. Perhaps introduce factions or groups you can belong to for offline and online play.

*Request: If you have set characters in the game, it would be awesome to choose a male or female version of that character. I usually always play as an assassin and have played as psycho - but me being a female playing Borderlands, it would be nice to have gender variations of each character

*Most important: Do not rid of couch co-op!

Thank you for your time!

Not to be rude but arnet there already like 15 of these threads?

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  1. I don’t think that gun customization is a good idea for game like Borderlands, because guns having random parts is the core of incentive for farming. Also it’s what distinguishes Borderlands from other games whose already includes customization of guns. So I disagree with this suggestion. I’d rather prefer for guns to have more diversity of parts they can spawn with, to make looting and using them more exciting.

  2. Well if AI can be improved without any compromises then why not? I just don’t think that adding a stealth system is neccesary in Borderlands. Surely would be nice.

  3. Yes! I’d like to add that I’d prefer if character trees were focused solely on special abilities while avoiding affecting gunplay, because I don’t like characters having inherited restrictions due to having overwhelming proficiencies at using certain weapon types. I’d prefer for all loot to be equally viable for all characters.

  4. Yes, I believe that’s the right direction to go, on the note of idea that stashing all of the loot have room for improvements. Something like a personal collection where I’d be able to put all of my loot into display is what I’d like to have.

  5. Yes! 0z kits would get wet over the idea.

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I agree gun customization should be a core feature, but at least add a place you can change your guns sight, maybe the accessory maybe, for a premium price

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