Ideas for FTP Model?

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Hey guys, I know that this is likely information that isn’t up for disclosure but is there any chance the game will be entering FTP anytime soon? If this is crossing a line, I can understand a simple “We can’t discuss business openly” or something like that.

I just wanted to ask as I know many people who seem to believe this was announced or inevitable and I don’t want to get my hopes up only to find out it’s all garbage.

I’ve got some ideas on how you might satisfy the vets while still keeping a sound business model. Obviously you can’t please everybody but I’d still like your thoughts on the matter:

A) Let players download and play the multiplayer for free. Do what you’ve done with the Ops missions to the story missions, either as a bundle or sold episodically.

People who’ve bought the base game, either on console or PC are obviously entitled to the story missions.
I think the currency system is perfect for this, all the workings are there. The only problem is, free players are reliant on the marketplace for gear and I haven’t checked recently, but I don’t think core packs would suffice.
I like the science behind faction packs, having both would be a good mix. You got to either grind to earn the credits for the type of gear you want or gamble with RNG for less credits.

The amount of gear (plus credits) one may get from the missions is a selling point, it means less grinding. I genuinely think this would work, it has for other FTP models though no game is quite like Battleborn.

B) I know this is an unpopular opinion but make solo duo que the primary source of multiplayer.

This isn’t a 5 man hate speech, I’ve come to terms with why people do it but I still believe to get more players we need to share the love. Believe me, I don’t want to alienate you and your friends. But how about making new friends? I’ve met so many wonderful people playing this game, having experienced people by your side doesn’t just make one more confident but is an opportunity to learn.

Use your experience, I know it isn’t your responsibility to bring in more players but you’d be surprised what they have to bring to the table.

It’s a shame, I know. I’d love to have a competitive mode where we can rock up with the crew and have a truly serious match but the priority should be to help the community grow.

However, with FTP there will be issues. An ELO system must be in place to ensure the teams aren’t stacked or people are just going to quit. On that topic, there must be penalties in place to stop leavers. Both of these systems are likely difficult to implement, I wish I had some advice on how I would go about it but unfortunately I don’t, all I have is my 2 cents.

One day, when the community is booming, people will be ready for a competitive que where we can create teams of 5. But for now, I think it should be resigned to a once a week thing like you’ve done with solo duo.
I met so many people during the time you made solo duo mandatory. Games were fair again, not always but newbies had a chance to stretch out and play with the vets.
It was like the old days where people were comfortable trying new things, they were okay with making a mistake and they had someone to guide them to victory through cooperation, stradegy and skill. If I could have just one match like that a day, I’d be set for multiplayer games for the rest of my life.

C) Have faith. Rome wasn’t built in a day but they will come. All you need is something to get the ball rolling, you may or may not be surprised at the kind of traffic you would recieve if this game was announced as FTP.
People would no longer have no reason not to try it. All you need is to have a single day on the front page of Steam, XBL and PSN. I don’t know how one would go about such a thing but it would do wonders for the playerbase.

I feel this may have carried on too long, I apologise if so. Just know that I genuinely love this game. This is literally the multiplayer game I’ve wanted my whole life. Nothing I’ve ever experienced has ever gotten close to Battleborn. If there is but one point made in this post that I want you to understand it is that I love Battleborn and I want others to love it too. Best of luck with your future endeavors.


Sigh. If I had a dollar for every thread like this…

You’re fine - debating business and possible business models isn’t against the rules as far as I’m aware.

However, I still disagree with this idea wholeheartedly. I despise pay-to-win games, or any kind of game with a model (like you have described) where the first part of the game is free but all the good bits you have to pay through the nose for.

I’m not sure about the queues personally - while matchmaking is admittedly pretty crap, I’m just happy to get a match. I don’t mind what mode we’re playing, I don’t mind if I’m gonna get pubstomped, I just want to play.

While I would like to believe that Battleborn is going to get back on its feet, I don’t really think it will. The aforementioned FTP model would attract a few extra players, sure, but I think the problem lies with this games immense lack of publicity. The small burst of new players upon launch of the FTP version wouldn’t really be enough to get matchmaking rolling properly. Player retention is also (somehow) an issue - we had over 14,000 players at launch, where the hell did they all go?

I love this game too. And I’ll continue hoping that whatever the devs have been hinting that they’ve got up their sleeve is enough to put some life back into those servers. But hey - who knows what could happen? Maybe a relaunch or a sequel a few years down the line could put Battleborn’s IP back up there on the charts.

It is kind of “pay to win”, I agree.

However, I don’t think it’s as drastic as some out there. Gear would still be available to people, people can still get legendaries and they can use the same “earn platinum through daily quests” to possibly earn Ops, story and DLC characters if they so choose. For some, the multiplayer is the fun part.

I really don’t know how we lost so many players but perhaps people would be more inclined to give the game another try if it were free like the beta.

Also, I feel that once someone completes the tutorial they should be given like 10,000 credits to get them started. Why not just give everyone 10,000 credits? I don’t think that would cause any issues, would it?

I agree on just being happy to get a game but I simply can’t remain silent when this game has so much potential. I think this game is powered by word of mouth. I’ve gotten so many people interested in the game just by casual conversation and telling war stories. But how many of those people actually went and bought the game? Almost none.

I was also just informed that something is in the works and although they we’re not at liberty to say what exactly, it gives me hope nonetheless. I just hope it wouldn’t bother you too much if the game were to take a similar approach to above. Games are primarily about making money, that doesn’t mean the ones who make them are sell outs but I think it would be unwise to not consider the option.

GBX have recently had their fingers in a lot of pies recently, so I understand their quite preoccupied of late. Again, I’m just happy to see they are considering it. Gotta look at all your options, I’m sure they have the same concerns you do regarding a change of business model.

I have one:

just don’t, not yet…

the PC needs this game to go F2P, every noob who tries this game out pretty much quits b/c queue times take forever and then they get stomped by pre-mades b/c queue times take so long that vets queue up in pre-mades

Also recently a lot of PC players have given up on queueing and have been doing 10 mans.

I’m sure this doesn’t matter though, as it seems like the devs don’t care about the PC players as the devs haven’t even added in a server browser or cross-play between console and PC to help the PC version out, so I doubt they really care :sob:


As has been said in multiple threads since these ideas first surfaced, going F2P or cross-play is NOT up to the devs; it’s up to 2K, who DO unfortunately have a bad history of not caring.


yeah maybe the devs care about the console version of this game but not the PC version or back in October when this game really started to have a lower player-base and when it was hard to find matches they would of made up a server browser rather than using Steams restrictive regional match-making that makes games take longer to find since people are in different queues based on their regions

I, uh… I don’t see how that is in any way relevant to what i said regarding going cross-play or FTP being 2K’s decision, and not Gearbox’s…


Besides, all these things would be hard to implement this far along though, one can dream.

I never really considered cross platform play to be a possibility. But it isn’t fair to just assume everything is Gearboxes fault and that they don’t care.

A lot of love went into this game, I could only imagine the pain of sending out your creation into the world only to have people blatantly disregard it for no sustainable reason.

Marketing, they did a poor marketing promotion.

I was exited telling a friend of my friend about battleborn, first all trailers are a mess, second a friend of him joined our conversation and told me about his experience in the open beta.

He didn’t understand the game at all. Yes he gets the main idea of minions and sentry. I spent 20 minutes talking about position, crit spots, gear and the main roll of each battleborn.

He said he would give it a second chance on xb1.

Which was ALSO 2K’s responsibility, if i remember correctly. It’s just like any other developer/publisher relationship: The former makes and maintains the game, and the latter funds and markets it.

Gearbox’s only faults lie with the game itself, and not the business decisions. Blame them for balancing and content, if you want; but not the poor marketing. 2K did the same thing with Evolve.


FTP would be so good choice! As a game owner, I wouldn’t care less if it’s going to have a free (limited) version without any compensations for original players. The most important aspect is to get the player base up!

This would make it so much easier to tell friends “hey, just try it, it’s free”. :slight_smile:


I also would come back to the game if it went F2P. I’m pretty sure I haven’t played the game this year. I was also in the middle of creating a Steam guide for the game but just got bored due to the constant changes to stats and stuff that I had to go over and redo. Also having slowly longer and longer matchmaking times just got boring.

I started from day 1 and it was sad just seeing the queues get longer everyday to the point it was over an hour for every match.

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Even if the game were to go F2P, gearbox would have to do another update like the winter update. They would NEED to add more content to attract new players. Evolve stage 2 was great for the first few days, until people started to realise that the core issues of the game were still there. Not as bad as the original release, but issues persisted.

If the core issues of Battleborn aren’t fixed, free to play will not save the game. It’s cheap enough as it is, and if I hadn’t played Battleborn before and I wanted to pick it up, the current price wouldn’t stop me. Basically, there would be no point in F2P considering the price drops and the fact that making it free wouldn’t instantly fix the issues the game itself has. Battleborn is truly a fantastic game, but it’s very unique, and it doesn’t quite satisfy some gamers like it does others. Evolve had that same issue. Some people liked it, most people didn’t, in time. It seems to be that when developers explore new possibilities and ideas, and go through the effort to create it, it works out well but it turns out a lot of people just aren’t ready for such a different kind of experience. Then they revert back to call of duty or your typical MP shooters. It’s sad really :frowning:

However, free to play would help boost the player base, slightly. Having platinum being earnable (which it already is) would be great with the F2P model. I’m assuming you can buy the playable content with it also? If that’s the case then you can buy all additional content in game by earning it. And if they want content quicker, they can purchase more platinum. I don’t have many other ideas outside what others have said unfortunetly.


I have a good idea.

Make it the PS+ free game (runs for a month)
Make it the free game for XBOX gold (don’t know much about xbox live)
Put it up for free for a limited time Humble Bundle for PC players

Get the best of both worlds.

Get that F2P player spike, and can still monetize it after these people tell their friends.


What ever happens i will play! Cross plataform or free to play!



They tried this at the end of July where I bought this game in the humble bundle and it was the best 15$ I’ve ever spent! But considering it died after that on PC I don’t think having Battleborn in the humble bundle will save it tbh, but might bring a nice player-base increase for awhile before F2P/Cross-play is implemented