Ideas for improvement on historical contents for Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood (UPDATED)

To begin with, both games are indeed impressive, enjoyable, and memorable classic piece of works! They have good storytelling and interesting characters. Also great Normandy landscape and environments, and many examples of how horrifying the war should be.

But there also have many historical inaccuracies and other mistakes that could be able to fix and improve both of the game in the possibly remastered or reboot version in the future.
So I’d like to point those things out, as a little effort to help the series getting more valuable aspect and more respect from both old and new fans. Also as an educational case for those who really interested in historical contents.

And most importantly, I’m not a native English speaker. So I must apologize for any of mistake that might appear in this article.


  • Faces variation for the German side should be increased. Especially for the Osttruppen troop (various nationalities, mainly consisted of POW and conscripts from the eastern front).
  • Increasing a variation for German uniforms, especially:
    Fallschirmjager: They only got overcoat with a darker shade of “tan and water” camouflage pattern (which should be uncommon for the paratroopers). Majority of them should have worn an overcoat with Luftwaffe Splinter camo, and also a plain green/no camo jump smock. And the camouflage helmet covers can be included also.
    Waffen SS: For the SS smock & helmet cover -> Plane tree pattern and Oakleaf pattern.
  • In the game, every German Grenadiers and Osttruppen troop had the Corporal (Obergrefreiter) insignia on their left arm. It should be removed or attached only for NCO models.
  • Every Fallschirmjager had the Obergefreiter (Cpl.) insignia on tunic’s collar. Majority of them should have a Flieger (Pvt.) insignia instead. Gefreiter (Lance Cpl.) insignia can be included, but also fewer than Flieger (Pvt.).
  • The insignia on the collar of Waffen SS tunic should be changed from the Wehrmacht collar tab into the SS runic collar tabs.
  • In Hill 30’s Push into Carentan mission, Waffen SS MUST be replaced by Fallschirmjager.
  • In some missions, 2 German units can appear together. Such as;
    Both St.come du mont missions: Fallschirmjager + elements of regular Heer grenadiers.
    Carentan defending mission (Tom and Jerry) and Bloody Gulch: Waffen SS + elements of Fallschirmjager troops.
    (EIB only) Bloody Gulch and Carentan missions: Waffen SS + elements of Fallschirmjager.
    (EIB only) Baupte and St.Sauver’s bridge mission: Waffen SS + Wehrmacht and elements of Fallschirmjager: It was unlikely that there was any large Fallschirmjager group still left defending the further section beyond Carentan (like Baupte and Saint-Sauveur bridge). Thus, it should be a few of them mixes with SS and Wehrmacht forces as an optional choice.
  • In Tom and Jerry mission (the fictional Carentan’s church defending), an Osttruppen soldier who jumps out from the destroyed tank should be replaced by a Panzer crew or tank commander.
  • Since the first missions, Heer grenadiers should be appeared along with Osttruppen troops. And they should be replaced every Osttruppen who speaks German fluently, also the Flakvierling operators.
  • About a half of the Osttruppen troop should have worn M40 field cap and helmet also.
  • The model of Panzer crews should be separated between the Wehrmacht and SS version (insignia).
  • The Invasion arm flags patches (US 48-star flag muslin patch) should appear on the right shoulder of US paratroopers models.
  • At the start of Cole’s charge mission, all 4 American corpses at the Belgian gate got a corporal insignia. The insignia on 2 or 3 of the bodies should be changed.
  • From above, the corpse of Pvt. Desola also has a corporal insignia. Which should be changed into the Private.
  • George Risner’s chest patch of the 10th Armored Division should be changed into 70th Tank Battalion of the 4th Infantry Division.
  • (EIB only) Waffen SS in both Saint-Sauveur (last 2) missions should be changed into Heer’s grenadiers and Osttruppen troops from the 265th Infantry Division.
  • (EIB only) From above, Heer version of Panzergrenadiers (with Wehrmacht Splinter, Tan and Water camo pattern) can be included as an optional choice.
  • (EIB only) During the interviewing near the city of Cherbourg, a group of surrendered Waffen SS can be seen passing by. But they should be replaced by Wehrmacht soldiers since there were no SS units participated in the Battle of Cherbourg.
  • (EIB only) In the Close Quarters mission, German corpses inside the wrecked cars should be an officer or a personal driver. Recommend to be a regular Grenadier with M40 field cap + Lance Corporal/Gefreiter insignia.
  • (EIB only) From above, this is my personal opinion: the wrecked cars with corpses should be in the town of Saint-Sauveur instead of Carentan.


  • Rate of fire for US 30 cal and 50 cal machinegun shouldn’t be as same as MG 42.
  • In Hill 30, the limited quantities of grenades should be increased.
  • The accuracy of the weapons is questionable (somehow hard to hit the enemy, and it can’t even hit the machine gunners who clearly exposing their head from the cover).
  • The cursed pistol in the game is a regular 1911 pistol. It should be changed into a nickel-plated one.
  • Damage of some weapon like M1911 and other high caliber weapons should be increased.
  • The grenade and Panzerfaust blast radius, also the grenade’s throwing range is something that really needs to be improved.
  • Some few more weapons that can be added for German/Axis infantry: like a portable MG 34 for Grenadiers and Waffen SS, and FG 42 for Fallschirmjager (Hill 30 version).
  • In some missions, German squads are entirely equipped with only a single type of weapon (that supposed to be uncommon). Such as; one squad with mostly or solely STG 44, MP40, normal and scoped FG 42. My suggestion is to mix other weapons like a common Kar98k and fewer Gewehr 43 among the German squads for diversity and realistic reason.


  • Panzer Ersatz und Ausbildungs Abteilung 100 (PzAbt100) was largely equipped with captured French tanks (like Renault R35 and Hotchkiss tanks), not Germans.
  • In Hill 30, every Panzer IV Ausf.F in the Bloody Gulch mission must be replaced by StuG IV, additional assault guns like Stug III Ausf.G can be included also.
  • From above, 1 or 2 of the tanks that appeared during Baker running out solo sequence, could be replaced by armored car like Sd.Kfz 222 or 231 and Half-track. (Since the 17th SS only got 12 Assault guns in the battle, and Baker’s squad were defending the far right flank of the US defensive line)
  • From above, some of the tanks in other missions (especially Tom and Jerry) could be replaced by armor vehicles also.
  • Every German Panzers, armor vehicles and captured French tanks (that I recommended) should have a camouflage pattern.
  • In Hill 30’s Push into Carentan mission, 2 German Panzer IV Ausf.F should be entirely removed from the mission. They could be replaced by MG position or some sort of barricades that could be destroyed by the satchel charge.
  • (EIB only) Every Panzer IV Ausf.G in the Bloody Gulch and Close Quarters mission should be replaced by StuG IV, additional assault guns like Stug III Ausf.G can be included also.
  • (EIB only) From above, at least one of the tanks during the Bloody Gulch mission should be replaced by armored car like Sd.Kfz 222 or 231 and Half-track.
  • (EIB only) This is an optional choice, German Panzer IV Ausf.G in the last 2 missions (Saint-Sauveur) should be replaced by Panzer IV Ausf.H and Stug III Ausf.G.
  • (EIB only) License plate of the Opel Blitz trucks in the Waffen SS territory (like in the Bloody Gulch mission), should be changed from Wehrmacht into SS version.


  • In “Hill 30” version, during the Bloody Gulch, when Baker was recovered from the tank blast and he was ordered by Mac to led the column of tank reinforcement to help their defensive, Hartsock and the rest of Baker’s squad can be seen defending their trench line.
    But in the “Earned in blood” version, while Baker is still unconscious, Hartsock led his own squad to attack 17th SS from the left flank (the rest of Baker’s 3rd squad is nowhere can be seen). When Hartsock finally come back into the trench line, Baker already went out to lead the Shermans tank to clear their defending sector. Thus, my suggestion is fixing this conflict properly in the future version.
  • In Hill 30, it seems like the whole town of Carentan was protected only by Baker and his squad (plus Mac and Leggett). Some other paratroopers from 506th regiment should participate in the clearing (Push into Carentan) and defending (Tom and Jerry) the town as well.
  • (EIB only) Some other paratroopers from 502nd and 506th regiment should participate in the Carentan defending also (Eviction Notice and Close Quarters mission).
  • (EIB only) Seems like Hartsock, Doyle, their squads and M10 tanks are the only groups that attacked Saint-Sauveur (Run of the Mill mission). Some group of paratroopers from the 82nd Division should participate in the battle also.
  • At the end of several missions, Mac often comes to meet Baker with only Leggett covering him. Few more soldiers from his 1st squad should have appeared alongside him also.
  • (EIB only) At the beginning of the Run of the Mill mission (Saint-Sauveur Bridge), Marsh was volunteered to go with Doyle and Paige. But a moment later, Marsh was gone and replaced by McConnel.
  • Apart from Baker’s squad, there should be more US paratroopers joined or participated in the event of Cole’s bayonet charge also.
  • Paddock and the gang from Earned in Blood can appear in the Bloody Gulch and some other missions in the Hill 30 version (since June 8th or 9th until the end of the game).
  • (EIB only) The date of Three Patrol Action mission should be changed/moved from June 6th into 8th. And the date of Hell’s Corners mission should be changed from 7th into 8th also. Since Desola and Corrion still couldn’t find their way to meet Baker’s Squad yet on June 6th, and they finally arrived at the end of June 7th and joined the squad on 8th.
  • There should be new battle cries for Osttruppen troops, in a non-native way of German language speaking.
  • MG positions and other barricades should be destructible when it was hit by a tank shell and Panzerfaust.

Well, that’s all guys! If anyone got a question or disagreement, feel free to leave it in the comment section. And I might also release the Hell Highway version soon.

you’re the guy who mods World at War (steam version), right?
Just curious…are you gonna work on BiA as well?

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Yes sir, literally the same guy :wink:

But unfortunately, I have no idea on making mod for BIA series and haven’t planned on that also.
Due to load of works here and we would like to focus more on modding for COD World at War.

Well, luckily, at least we still have some skin mods made by Hauptmann and War Crimes for this wonderful series to play with.

Amazing post with a lot of well-researched ideas that fit the needs of historical accuracy.

Although this has nothing to do with the game, I may bookmark this for future references for the story I’m putting together for the first two games.

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Sounds really interesting, I’m surely expecting to see the story you are putting together in the future. Also, thank you so much for your comment!