Ideas for Iron Bear

First of all, english is not my mother language so any mispelling, please, feel free to correct - same with wrong ideas that I put here. I just love Borderlands’ franchise and community and Borderlands 3 is the first that I can follow at real-time, so I want to (try to) make part of it in any way possible - and because Moze is my main (:b).

Back to the focus: I had some ideas that could help to improve Iron Bear beyond to simply give it more damage in higher levels. Be able to deal damage equal to our Mayhem level is good, but something that made me (and maybe many of you) love Borderlands is essentialy the synergies between gear and skills, so why not play more with them too? I feel that theres a lot of good possibilities that just passes invisible to major issues while they could be exactly how we could fix some of them. And just to contextualize where I got those insights, I was playing with Mind-Sweeper when jumped into Iron Bear and shooting for some time and noticed that Iron Bear crits can proc micro-grenades too. So since we have one COM that works with both Moze and Iron Bear, why not go deeper with it?

Green Monster: give its effect to Iron Bear. That COM is all about firing and we are able to carry two miniguns exactly to rain bullets everywhere. Imagine this with Salamander using corrosive damage too. Lots and lots of chemical that could be extremely useful even on Maliwan Takedown

Blast Master: Iron Bear has a lot of guns and augments related to splash damage, and it can even use some of Moze’s own skills based on splash, like Fire in the Skag Den, Means of Destruction and Vampyr, so why dont give it her most powerful COM focused on that type of damage? It would definetly increase its effectivness in many degrees

Sapper: actually the only way to regen armor to Iron Bear is using Vampyr, as well as was with Moze’s health till her recent buffs and DLC2. Look for some way to improve armor regen to Iron Bear without depending on Sapper would be cool, but Sapper would still be a good option if we have other options to regen armor since its skills still come handy, like Matched Set allowing Iron Bear to keep firing for longer and its splash damage can proc Means of Destruction. Iron Bank actually doesnt give any bonuses to Iron Bear, but below I will leave my idea to change that too

Tenacious Defense: I dont know about you, but when running a Blodletter-centered build, I always avoid Tenacious Defense because usually when my shield breaks I insta-FFYL. But with Revenge of Cartels we got a Annointed effect that activates our shield effects when break and fill and it works with Tenacious Defense too, so when jumping into Iron Bear, even if we are wearing a Transformer, for example, that doesnt get any bonus when break or fill, we still activating Tenacious Defense. Since we are in Iron Bear when Tenacious Defense activate with that annoint, why dont give Tenacious to Iron Bear too? Or maybe create a synergy between Security Bear and Tenacious Defense so the shield breaking works independent for Moze and IB. Just give Tenacious Defense to Iron Bear, options to do it (in theory, of course) doesnt lack.

Iron Bank: I know that Matched Set already gives us decreased heat per shot and it kinda works like increased mag size to Miniguns, but in the same way that we dont always use matching manufacturer gear all the time and invest those points in Iron Bank cause it works to all types of guns independent of their manufacturer, make this option viable to Iron Bear as well would be cool to synergize with COMs like Blast Master, Green Monster and Sapper since it could work, as well as with Moze’s guns, with all weapons that Iron Bear can equip.

Click, Click…: yeah, I know that Iron Bear already have a augment similar, but that augment only works with its Miniguns equipped and the point here is to give versatility with all guns possible, so while using it with its Miniguns and Let Off Some Steam [pair it with Matched Set and a Green Monster, oh boy…] would increase its damage way too much (and I have to say that I personally dont mind it cause is such a cool synergy idea, but I know that could break the balance between the others guns), just lower the bonuses that Click, Click would give to Minigun WITH Let Off Some Steam equipped without apllying any penalties to the other options (since any of other augments increases damage based on keep firing) and we would be good to go

Auto Bear: I was one of those guys that get hyped with the idea to use Auto Bear with the 200 per cent gun damage or 150 per cent grenade damage while AS active annoint, but I kinda get the point that GB didnt make that possible (yet, I hope). Moze’s AS is be IN Iron Bear. All her programming, since the beginning of development, was focused on guarantee that the game could understand this so make Auto Bear be recognized as AS active too can take some time, if it is even possible (I think that it is, to be honest, but very tricky), and involves, for example, a possibility to end up creating two instances for Moze activate ASE annoints, one when she jump out and one when Auto Bear ends. And remember that Revenge of Carterls launched when we were (and unfortunately still) in the middle of a pandemia, all the devs are working from home, so its hard to work properly to ensure that everything is fine in a huge team project like Borderlands is.

I hope that it can give some useful ideas to improve Iron Bear. I was main Gaige so I fell in love with Moze and Iron Bear when saw their gimmicks. I used to (and still, rarely) see many people complaining about Deathtrap being useless in OP modes, but with me it always acted like a second char, a unstoppable death machine. I want to feel that with Moze and Iron Bear too, for sure


I really like you idea about making some of Moze’s class mod effect carry over to Iron Bear. Could create some interesting synergies.

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