Ideas For Making The Game More Interesting - Project 1v1

I have many ideas, so I am just going to list them all.

  1. Make it so that you have a deck of 15-30 cards, and every time you die your loadout is randomized. This would require making many more cards, which had different themes that synergised well together. Also, you would probably have one weapon and one ability that always stayed the same.

2.Make there be less of a delay between using the ability, and the ability actually happening (may be lag related, but it happens even when wifi is good, and i have a good computer).

3.The system where the higher the level you are the more damage you do is a bad system. It gives a disadvantage to less experienced players, and should either be reversed, or completley removed.

  1. Create weirder, more fun weapons and abilities. This will make the game more interesting. The weapons don’t have to be ridiculous, just make them unique, or put a spin on a classic weapon.

This is it for now, please respond with other ideas/edits/ways to implement.

  1. I think that fundamentally underwrites what this game is seeking to accomplish. The entire point is you take different decks into PvP and see how it goes.

  2. Yeah, definitely lag related. FYI lag has nothing to do with your build and everything to do with your internet connection to the server.

  3. Hell to the yes. It makes no sense to have MMR based matchmaking but you’re buffed against weaker players. What happens to the people who are really good and climb fast?

  4. I think they will. This game only works if it delivers on it’s gimmick of deck building, and for that to work there needs to be a bunch of wonky builds.