Ideas for PC Updates

Im saying this, mostly because I have some little things that would make the battleborn experience on pc alot better.
But most importantly…
I Alt+tab alot, specially because the qeue times can get over a half hour, so I watch videos and other stuff, checking from time to time If I remember.
But that is the thing IF I REMEMBER

It have being like 5 or 6 times that I forget that Im looking for a match, and then when Im notice an hour later, it says that i was afk and ruin the day for at least 4 people…

It could be possible… to add on the pc version, a notification, that tell you to go and vote for the map…
Smite have a similar system, where you can alt tab, and if your match is ready, you get back.

or separated updates between consoles and pc versions are a big no no?

I have other little ideas. but I dont know if we have a thread where to make ideas, or should I make one?

Yeah basically this, the PC has such a low population that we need a server browser so we can find each other and balance matches, but since it cost a couple bucks just to make a server browser then Gearbox and 2K won’t let the devs incorporate something for just one system.

You can open up a web browser in the Steam overlay for now or join a pre-made and u should find games with wait times of about 5 mins at night, at least in the US.

I change my download server to the US to get matches faster, but since yesterday, I cant find matches as fast.

Also, It seem impossible to fix what ever Server system they have in play, of why they divide the regions so hard?
parialy you could say because of lag, but then you could find no game at all because that region have like 8 people…

Evolve had the same kind of server… So my guess is that is the cheapest option…

Usually you find matches at night, 7:00 PM EST or later, since queue times are longer most people queue up together so the hardest part is finding a team and then once you have it then finding the enemy team doesn’t take that long.

The game still has quite a few people playing 159 atm, but yeah the problem is all this restrictive steam region locks so most of Battleborn steam forums are full of noobs crying about the game being dead, and this along with pre-mades stomping these noobs when they do find a game makes 95%+ of noobs quit before they even get started playing.

Well this game is run on dedicated servers as all your gear and such is saved on it so server cost wouldn’t really be a factor, and you can play custom games already so making rooms for people to join is already done. Thus, all the devs would have to do is make a server browser for players to find each other or the alternative is make the game F2P to get an influx of players, but in the long run a server browser would be better because when the game gets a low player base again then a server browser would allow for finding matches easily, as there are plenty of dedicated BB players who would keep playing this game with a low player-base if they could find matches quicker.

If battleborn would have a server browser, that would be really awesome! Than, finding a game wouldn’t be that hard, and doing lore quests would be much more easier to accomplish.